Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Today's UNO

Lot of debate and expectation what should be UN in contemporary world .. the theme is taken in this short weekly MoKatha column on 8th Nov in Niravaya News paper !@

Your goodness for comments please ( Odia readers- be pardon from friends not reading Odia )

Thursday, October 5, 2017

||| My Speech on Space Week Celebration |||

||| My Speech on Space Week Celebration |||

Honourable Governor of Odisha , Eminent Scientist Director ISRO Dr. Kunihikrishnan , Respected Founder of KIIT and KiSS Prof. Achyut Samnata, DGM Dr. Ajit Kumar Natha, ISRO scientists present here, Space loving Students, participants, The  Registrar and My Colleagues of KIIT and KISS and Media!
First let me convey sincere gratitude to ISRO for choosing KIIT to celebrate World Space Week . Sir, We feel privileged for this honour and trust you have bestowed upon us.
Space has been mysterious with our epics and folklores. In Odisha Mothers aspire moon to appear on the palms of her kid. Girls aspire to be blessed with a moon-like groom. ‘Twinkle twinkle little stars’ rhyme multiplies the mystery of space in the eyes of a child.
Now, science and technology has demystified space. Scientists relentlessly keep looking into deep space in search of origin of life. Proudly our country, India has been forefront in this scientific journey to Space. ISRO has been a proud for us. We are now on par with the developed countries in Space Technology.
Now Space Technology has become useful to many more societal applications. In this context I adore the effort of ISRO outreach program like this. It will certainly make public aware of the technology our scientists have developed.
Under the leadership of our Founder we have been in forefront in academics and social responsibility that a University should have.
I have some requests to the Director Sir for your kind help!
1.Our inspired students wants to  develop a micro-satellite
2. To set up a unit at KIIT for lightning warning. Our spread across at the state can be utilized for the purpose
3. We have adopted several villages under our NSS programem. We want to integrate your outreach mission across the remote villages in Odisha.
We request your good office to enable us to partner with your noble causes.
On behalf of KIIT and KIIS family I extend my sincere thanks to ISRO for organizing this exhibition here. And also I extend my gratitudes to the Honouable Governor for being with us in this august occasion.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

||| MuN BasMalli |||

Published in 2017 Sailaja Puja Sankhya

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

||| E Juga Ra Ekalavya |||

Published on 19th Sept. 2017 in Nirvaya Newspaper

The process of learning is evolving.... n childhood we were told to read in early hours for good memory. Asked to repeat and repeat reading for n times. Revise and write, listen, read and write in a loop until one excels, like cracking JEE exam. Some say no to toiling rather study while playing... different experts differ in their views but the real learner is the Ekalavya who at odds learns and excel though in-spite of the luck deceives still the thirst for the knowledge remains unquenchable !

The present effort in making knowledge available on MOODLE  Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is to make students learn at anytime from anywhere being from far from Gurus and class rooms ........ the Ekalavyas of the time are arriving ... let's welcome them 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

||| MoKatha : The Picture of Villages Tomorrow |||

||| MoKatha : The Picture of Villages Tomorrow |||

Large scale Exodus from villages and at the same time clamour for more and more amenities like roads, electricity etc to villages ... all together what image of Indian villages, can project is the theme of the article. My projections some could be wrong but I can't be totally wrong because still I eat Mudhi (murmura) with black tea (Nali chaa') in evening ... :) Your view solicited _/\_ 13th Sept. 2017 Nirvaya

Monday, August 28, 2017

||| MoKatha :: Gyani Partha |||

Gyani is the one who can act wisely at the right place, right time and right context ... MoKatha on 9th Aug 17 on Nirvaya Newspaper