Friday, October 31, 2008


Just after Dasahara 2008, I felt an urge to go out for a day. We have not done that for almost headstrong health problems or nuisances that was following us for the last couple of months. My son Vakul also chose to stay back at hostel citing some reasons like he had only one day leave for Dasahara and just after it he had his mid term tests. I knew all these could be pleas for not being assured of good food at home because his mother’s health. Anyway, I also took this for a plea proposing our visit to Vakul’s hostel just after Maa’ Durga left for her heavenly abode with an assurance to visit earth for the next year. It’s really good to have so much circularity in nature; that gives quite a bit of confidence for mortals like me. We reached his hostel. Oh, I forgot; ‘we’ includes me, my daughter and Anjali - my wife. Sister and brother finished their long pending skirmishes and got tired for a good food. Both of them decided for KFC at Karkhana in Secunderabad. I should be honest in admitting that they always have or build up consensus (at least with the minimum common choices) on choosing a restaurant and menu.

We proceeded for that. I had a little inhibition anticipating heavy and silly expenditure. For example, it’s silly to pay hundred rupees for a sandwich. I prefer to bear with a roaring stomach instead of bleeding through nose. That happens when one flies with a low priced ticket. Anyway, in this case I didn’t have any choice. I listened to self telling ‘that would be your the first visit to KFC in Secunderabad.’ We reached. Fortunately, we could get a place for parking. People in this densely populated city don’t have enough place to put their body fully in their huts, forget car parking. We stepped in KFC being lead by ever enthusiastic daughter Anwesha (Pooja and Gelhi). She has sum total three names. And the third one is completely ethnic. Obviously, that name is put by me. For that they say I’m hundred percent rustic.

We stepped into KFC a swanky eatery with heavy lights focusing on heavily colored wall shades, matching furniture and ever deceiving plastic plants. The brightness was making my kids’ hearts floating around menus and offers. Whereas, hearts of the parents like me with shallow pockets must be sinking. I kept recollecting how many big notes could be there in my purse. Quickly, I could calculate the possible amount I would have, ofcourse without taking my purse out. I felt indebted to my grand father for insisting on mental mathematics in my childhood. These things are so helpful in life I never felt that time as now my kids take to my words on face value. Naturally, my kids especially my son being elder one understands my predicaments quite well. Both of them settled for a sum they have adjudged comfortable to me. I felt so much pleased with their understandings and felt unfair to complain of elders make for little ones. My daughter always feels being ahead of her brother. She settled down after scooping out a promise from me for another visit with some bucket chicken – a menu with sumptuous chicken pieces. They picked up the tray. And I took out my purse to pay. The boy at the counter returned some change. Usually, in these brand shops people always feel it’s low for counting money. But, I knew I couldn’t afford to such a trait anymore while just four days back I lost hundred rupees in Brand factory at Jubilee Hill. Here also, I found such a mistake and promptly complained. The supervisor returned me the forgotten hundred rupees. I excused the boy thinking his grandfather might have not taught him the mental mathematics. My kids settled down with food. My wife had little interest in all these except brooding over for kids. And I sat with my old habits – observing people around.

First, my eyes discovered smartly dressed KFC assistants oozing out with extra courtesy – i.e. unbelievable in standard desi dookans. The question obviously came to my mind. Why do they make mistake in bill payments and giving back the returns even after making use of so many calculating gadgets? That day Domino at Gachhibowli, a similar boy just took four rupees extra over the bill without a word. On asking he said he did not have change. But just felt quite right to grab extra four rupees. I thought over it. The answer came. The guys could be very much underpaid and might be even told to earn in this way. If this is true what ethics these business houses of free market economy are setting up here? I pondered. Will it happen in USA at its birth place?

I discovered a painting on wall – a sturdy looking man with a bow tie and a French beard. A brief write up below the painting telling how special the recipe of KFC is and this has been secret for so many years. Wow! What a business tactics. Will it be that way in India? G.Pulla Reddy came out his sweets in Andhra Pradesh and that made him famous. But, he encouraged and inaugurated shops of his competitors. I’m sure some of his cooks (halwaii) must have deserted him and joined his competitors throwing tact of sweet making into winds. Free economy but strangulated at the threshold of its birth place!

I must admit with a pinch of salt that I was the eldest one among all the customers present there. I was feeling awkward among mischievously young around. All were busy in their own world. I got a reflection of KPA ‘Kasinana Pakudi Aloodam’ shop on my village square. Every evening, people used to gather for a plate of hot pakudi and Aloodam. They used to relish with so many musings, lively chats and hearty laughs. The shop used to turn into a media centre – the news strips of many villages were exchanged in evenings over the pakoda plates. One used to offer other – a happy evening after a grueling day. What a contrast here! Instead offerings, here are the denials for the unfortunates when they just appeared as soon as you park your car. These are the spiders from darkness of white tiger of Aravinda Adiga.

By that time, my kids were done with. We had to rush back to drop Vakul at his hostel and then we had to return to Doyens. We proceeded to our parking place. The same scene was around us. I negotiated with some coins and got in to drive on. After a while, I was looking at my kids expecting their weary some faces for the scenes of spiders. I knew from other end, Anjali was looking at me approvingly though she is a captive of kids like any desi mother.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
November 1st , 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


(Note: 1. My fellow citizens may find it novice. It's not for them. 2. My address to 'Sirs' include 'Madams' too. I can have that kind type definitions in C! The picture here is of a road in Japan. Thanks to Goutam. )

Though I'm not a jet-setter still, I had some opportunity to visit some other countries. When one visits a foreign country at the first instance the roads catch your imaginations. Particularly for me a good straight road is of a pleasure. And I believe that's so for my fellow citizens. Sometimes, I feel the road features and features around roads somehow reflects a country. I'm not a social scientist to prove my hypothesis. But, for Indian context being a novice in social science I can say my hypothesis is more or less true. Let me prove it. It will not be like my earlier theory on a social operator on my blog I can't make it mathematical though would like to be that way. Sir / madam, that's the way I'm told you can sell (make) papers (research) in my profession. And I should get into that art sooner rather. But, here somehow that trait does not get reflected. I'll surely try for it later, I have to sir, to live up to my new pay commission. Anyway, let me see how does our roads reflects my society. I'll put seven points only. We in India, like the number seven. In our epics they say 'sa't janam' (born seven times to cross human life cycle) , 'sat phera' (make seven rounds of sacred fire to get in and out of a bondage) , 'sa't bar' (utter seven times to make a promise) , 'sa't saamudra' (Vishnu sleeps on his snake-bed beyond seven seas) etc. So, I'll stick to seven only to be well taken.

1.Hardly, a road in India is straight

That is how we live in our society, Sir. Nobody talks to the point straight whatever way that much watched anchor corners our beloved future makers.
My ex-boss also had another theory for it. He said for this quality only we Indians do very good programming. Somehow, we can make a program work by putting many go-to, if-then-else constructs. Of course he added, that's why we don't make software products.

2. If geographically the road is blessed to be straight, we love to put speed breakers

Sirs, when you visit us must be wondering of speed breakers. You should not and I'm sure you will appreciate of knowing our noble cause for it. We in this country are are very friendly people and we live perfectly and even physically together (though occasionally your press tells you of our bickering. But sir, it's not always true. Believe me.). And now a days you are sending vehicles of varying speeds and we don't want our friend surpass us. At speed breakers we can meet each other again. That is not enough sir. We have made speed breakers in functioning of all kinds of places like institutes, offices.

3.Everything under Sun is on our road

You must have seen cows, buffaloes and play grounds on our roads. And all the types of transports are also found there. That may be puzzling to you. But sirs, you should not. Actually, we are very transparent people. You can see everything we have on our road. Even you will find people in plush colonies eagerly hang their under linens making visible to roads. Let's not talk of vendors and unsold gods etc.

4.Roads are toilets

Most of the male Indians pee on rads. You may feel shameless. I agree with you sir. But, that is natural to them sir. Probably, that way they can save few minutes or save a coin by peeing by the side of the road. Anyway, ours is a sunny country. We have hot Sun to take care of environmental problem. But, do they do so when do they visit your country? You must tell me on my blog ( put comments).

5.Crazy traffic

This point if you make on traffic of my country I'll agree to you the hundred percent, Sirs. We while on move, try to make use of every inch of unpopulated place on road. You don't know from where a vehicle emerges out and stands at the front. We Indians believe on magics. It's a magic how all of us come back in tact after a cruise on our roads. We all believe on so many Gods. And at least one of them come to our rescue when any of us on road. Sir, this time when you visit us you can see in all the vehicles you hire with a God picture. They are always positioned there ,to help you out. They could be of any religion but they don't discriminate sir, for sure. Please don't get worried, He/She is there always in our country to help. They say that's why still we thrive and an oldest civilization!

6.Bigger the vehicle the mightier on the road

Oh, yes sir. This is true in our desi society too. In our roads, the bigger vehicles really bully the smaller one and so not to tell of the pedestrians. We are hierarchically a disciplined lot, sir. We are just like that, once we are destined to land on this land – so pious this land sir you will n't believe. Ganga Maa chose to land here on our land, even all the prophets too. All of them landed here. If you know some of them landed else where, that will be wrong soon sir when we become the most powerful nation after Bush uncle signs nuclear agreement on 8th Oct. '08.
I'm distracting your attention. Sorry sir. Actually, If you are on foot never hesitant to walk off the road. It's actually the place for you hierarchically disposed off.

7.Deafening Horns

That must be surprising for you if you are visiting us for the first time our swarnaprasu desa. I'm sorry for talking no sense word for you. I also don't understand it standing at cross roads with red traffic light. You will find spider like kids come forward to your cars. I'm going off-course again. Excuse me, sir. But standing at red traffic light you will hear the vehicles around you just blowing horns. It puzzles. It's a habit sir. We like noise. See, all our vehicles are fitted with music systems. That's must. Mine is an exception only. Though I wanted it very much but succumbed to my wife's opposition. I'm sure you also listen to madam.
We desis' overdo and make mess of anything we do. See, our public places, prayer places – everywhere you will see loudspeakers – a lot of sound. Without sound we really don't get kick of anything; even while driving.

Have a fun with our road reflections! In this we all are together – whatever you say of our conflicts based on caste, religion etc. all trashes!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
7th October 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Based on the Xth board examination and being advised by the Head Master of

Bharat Sevanidhi Uchha Vidyalaya, Maitapur, Odissa - 756 111.

I'm glad to announce the names for the award for the year 2008.


1. Sri Bikram Keshari Das

For securing the highest mark in Mathematics and being the over all topper of the school.He is presented with a sum of Rs.2000/-

2. Sri Manoj Kumar Mohapatra

For securing the highest mark in Odiya. He is presented with a sum of Rs.1000/-.

I wish the best in your career and a successful life ahead.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
Narendra Prasad Foundation.

[ Note: This is the school where I had my secondary education. I loved my days there. After the name of my grandfather I have instituted this award for rural students. I know the pleasures and the problems being hailed from a rural area.I hope future generations will love countryside as well as have a good career. And I also love my grandfather and I wish to be like him!]

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On Singur

This is my letter to The Editor, The Hindu
appeared on 26th September 2008.

"I wonder why the Nano car is so important to us when our roads are already overflowing and fuel is getting dearer. In all the discussions for making out a case for land-for-industrialisation, we forget the farmer's emotional attachment to their land. It is too much to expect the poor and illiterate farmers to see their future in rehabilitation packages."

Hrushikesha Mohanty

Kandhamal, Me and Media

For the last two days The Hindu has been publishing
very elaborately on the issue. I as an Odiya feel quite
ashamed of it. The happenings there, are bad certainly.
But the way media projecting it is unfortunate. The news
paper headlines make the issue sensational for creating
unnecessary turmoils.

I went through the article in The Hindu, 30th Sept. Page 13.
The bishop who reported through The Hindu was telling that
a Hindu family had protected (gave shelter) him and the nun. And
he believed (not sure of?) that the nun was raped. But, the Hindu has chosen
to make "Nun raped" head line on its front page 30th Sept.
Hindu Hyderabad edition. It should have a made sub-heading
of the human-feeling the Hindu family shown to the bishop.

The dynamics of media is distressing. Everybody knows what
media did with Arunashri case in couple of months back.
Sometimes a paper like The Hindu chooses to follow the beaten track!


Dalit Odiya Christians' Plea

On 2nd October 2008, The Hindu Hyderabad edition has put up a picture of Dalit Odiya Christians standing at UN office gate at Delhi demanding refugee status. At a glance it made me happy to know that Dlaits from Odissa have guts to ask for social justice. They could go up to Delhi for negotiating their demands.

But at the next moment it made worried too. Asked myself. "Did they have gone on their own? Sure, are they not playing somebody's game? Why did they choose UN office instead of Ministry of Home affairs? Are they making a case for more money from abroad? Have they lost trust on the Governments both the State and Union?" All these thoughts are disturbing.

They should have been advised to look for a good solution rather!

2nd October 2008.

Wish it's not True

My head is hung in shame today. Unfortunately, the news of rape of a nun has been confirmed today by The Hindu. It has quoted some official's statement. The vice has spread into odissa. Whoever it could be, deserve rare to rare punishment. And anybody in the name of a religion must not be allowed to go away with this heinous crimes.

I was proudly telling let Odissa be poor I don't bother but let there be peace and human dignity. Seems my pride is evaporated.

Odiyas are being incited to fight among each other. Let's all understand this game plan and condemn such actions vociferously.

3rd October 2008


Conversion does exist. For example from Hindu to Buddhism and vice-versa has been there in past. Even in Christianity among different sects it's a debatable issue. 4th October 2008, The Hindu reports Pope Benedict XVI cautioning Roman Catholic bishops in former Soviet republics against aggressive means of gaining converts, an issue that has complicated attempts to reconcile his church with Orthodox Christians.
Change is natural. And time is the scheduler. You and I are onlookers. Why should we make our present the hell? As the Pope tells reconciliation is the call of the day. Let's hear it and act on!

5th October 2008

Deadly Mixture

As it reveals now, there has been a deadly mixture of religions and politics since long. It was on fermentation and was waiting to happen. Alas! why were we sleeping since then? Our social scientists need to be pro-active in warning such thing before it triggers. We need social scientists more and our educationists must open up from myths of only technology-based (biased) developments. Wish, this mix will not be made deadly further.

5th October 2008

Ethnic Conflict Not Communal ???

Another school of thought on this issue tells Kandhamal is an example ongoing ethnic conflict between tribals and non-tribals. Here, Kandha (a scheduled tribe community) fights with another community called Pano that is a scheduled caste community. Seems people from this community had migrated from plains to hilly area and there has been fight among them dates back. Later Panos have taken to Christianity. The fight among them on God's resources is on till now when Kandhas feel being squeezed off it.

Elsewhere in Odissa should have similar anti Christian conflict if the malice has infected Odissa is true. This suggests to look into this nasty episode from different view too. Sometimes I feel looking the episode from this angle is of worth too. See, now what is happening in Assam - a Congress run state. Bodos fight back Bangladeshi illegal migrant as they feel their resources are usurped by new settlers. Now for development purposes we encroach upon Tribals domain ruthlessly and make them rootless. This generates a lot anguish.

However, this is not to whitewash the crime made by hooligans. From today's The Hindu I understand a lot of criminals got into it made an havoc - there is rape of Hindu lady too as the DGP Odissa has reported.

Going back to my point - I would say the strain of this uneven development is becoming unbearable for people standing on lower steps till now. First priority is to bring them up to start as we say now frequently Knowledge Society.

7th October 2008.