Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sree Jagannath Temple Pratistha Divas Celebration

Sree Jagannath Temple Pratistha Divas celebration invitation

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aggressive secularism and Aggressive faiths

Aggressive secularism numbs vibrancy in faiths and aggressive faiths numbs vibrancy in spirituality.


Any Comment?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VSM: A visual tool for the design and deployment of security requirements

Abstract Software security components have become an integral part of large scale projects; and hence they demand greater attention during the development phase. Often security implementations are longer-term processes; this implies that it will become all the more expensive to iterate the software development life cycle along with addressing the needs of security components. This problem is partly addressed in [11] where a rule based active security system to automate policy deployment is proposed. In this paper, we propose the ...


M VenkataSwamy, Srini Ramaswamy
Details of the paper at IEEE Digital Library

Person habitat and migration modeling


A meta-model comprising knowledge(K), objectives(Q), resource(R) and locations(L) is proposed as habitat of a person. The model is used for scheduling of person activities to achieve its goal. The activities mainly include knowledge acquisition, resource generation and migration. And the model can also be used to reason on minimal requirements of a person, testing achievement of a goal and deciding for migration.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Snakes on Shiva

[This is a little story to explain why snakes are around Shiva's neck.]

As I know and guess; snakes got fed up being used as beds for Mahaprabhu Vishnu. And they complained with Kailashpati Shiva expecting rival power centre to Vishnu would work towards their expectations. Debadeb Mahadeb Shiva as usual being very assuring agreed to fight with Vishnu and promised to make snakes free.

But crafty Jadupati Vishnu immediately agreed to Shiva's proposal to avoid fight with Shiva that might cause destruction for which Shiva had been known with the dance of destruction 'Tandab Nrutya'. Vishnu freed all the snakes with a condition that they would have to stay away of his creation. Shiva with a huff agreed to the proposal and allocated a vast space on Kailash Parvat to snakes.

Snakes from all over world gathered there to stay. But, to their dismay the cold was unbearable and they didn't like to be in long hibernation. The clamor for warmth was so much that to utter disgust of Parvati, Shiva had to agree to share his body warmth to Snakes.

And you know the rest. Snakes are a kind of creatures known to cling and cling on. Shiva being a simple God, assuring and enduring, has been allowing Snakes around his neck since then.

Do you know anything else on this issue ? Please educate me too.

On Fakirs!

Shri Chandrababu Naidu detractors may like or not, peasant markets he pioneered is still preferred by commoners for fresh vegetables and fruits; though oflate traders have set in to mar the functioning of such bazars. Still, we frequent those bazars for being afraid of fresh outlets (ironically, Naidu himself brought in Fresh shops).

People have rightly observed lack of freshness in such shops titled as fresh. Hyderabadis wherever they are, pick up greens whenever they see such rayot (peasant) bazars. Last Sunday when we were passing through Alwal stopped at its Rayot Bazar to pick up some Shiva Ratri essentials and green vegetables. While Anjali was meticulously picking up greens, I was observing the market place.

A Fakir suddenly appeared in crowd.- saint engaged in eulogizing Allah and seeking blessings for its clients in exchange of some expectations that could be a rupee only. The tribe is less seen in today's Hyderabad. Fakir with a striped multicolor lungi, a kurta covered by a sleeve-less brown jacket with enough signatures of its years of existence, pagadi over head that casts shadow on face held by a patch of beard that has stubbornly stopped to grow, half erased pair of sandals, tattered bag in one hand and a bunch of peacock feathers in other hand wander and wander from doors to doors from dawn to dusk. In past, these wandering monks must have much social acceptance than what they have now. People now as usual doubts on authenticity of wandering monks, so also for Fakirs (in fact we doubt our own shadows being much security conscious)!

Interestingly, for the Fakir I spotted on Sunday the life is not much changed. He was going through all the shops. And shopkeepers with acceptance were offering either a coin or a handfull of greens. He came to a series of vendors merchandising with chillies. One after other went on offering chillies and the Fakir has to say benignly of his plight with chillies. And then the ladies assured him coins after few hours once they picked up business for the day.

It was amazing at the accommodating nature of these lady petty traders. They knew the Fakir needs the offerings; probably they also believe Fakir comes with blessings of Allah! What a wonderful belief for co-existence!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Software Engineers

Hello! Sorry. I have not been here since long; particularly when I am on my twitter hmcs_hcu; and this microblog, seems, has obstructed revealing me here. Nevertheless each one of has its right space on cyber world.

Something today urged me to write. Me and Anjali (my wife) went to meet our son Vakul at his hostel BITS Pilani (Hyderabad Campus). And to our bad luck, we had to walk almost 2kms on hot Sun for college has gone very security conscious in its annual student fest. It's new India - of becoming security paranoid. And we all know the current tussle of states and union on internal security- NCTC centre's new internal security plan. Anyway, I'm not going to write on that.

On our way back we stopped at Gachhibowli-Domino to pick up a pizza for my daughter as her premium for being alone at home (i'm sure she was not so for Internet and google talk/skype; and ofcourse for +2 final year exam). I usually feel odd at Domino or shops of that kind. Rather I enjoy wooden bench and premixed hot tea with local snacks at my village square. Odias awfully addicted to the past; I'm noway different; actually with bit more addiction I have decided to write stories on my village. The first story has been appearing in Prabha Sarjana in two pieces (Jan & Feb-12 issues). But today I have no other option than to wait for my pizza delivery in the midst trendy Domino shop. Well, looked around to see a lot of young smart boys and girls. Found one pair from Odisha too. Many a time I see young Odias here. And all are working in some software companies Gachhibowli, Hyderabad.

They are software engineers. Ofcourse proud software engineers; well paid and well spent too. They run the economy. They being bit flashy, invite ire of lefts and traditionalists. Some say them not really engineers and some say, they are just enough to do the work that west does not want to do. And some say them of coding for cheap. Traditional academics don't count them, mocking at their program-enough curriculum. The height of such caustic comment I had to hear from an honorable in a meeting where I was invited as the chief speaker. But really spoke very less as the program started late for the delayed arrival of the honorable host who also had to preside the meeting. The host went on telling with an anguish on software engineers salary trend (your last salary is my first salary ) and with rhetoric went on telling them software coolies . It was shocking!

I wonder had there not been software jobs what would have been situation of India. Where our youths would have headed for! We (oldies!) don't think of that before giving unsolicited comments. Probably, for India after agriculture the emerged software sector has serve the country with much needed Forex.

Let's congratulate our young mass for that! Instead of demoralizing them see what we can do, so they can come up soon in global competition and put the country on high road!