Wednesday, February 15, 2017

||| MoKatha :: DADHI |||

Dadhi -(Beard) the column published in Nirvaya Odia daily on 1st February 2017. Here is a gist and the Odia column .........
Beard on a face traditionally is considered as masculine signature though in recent times the bigger the official post smoother is its face. Not really when, probably from British time beard has got its formal nonacceptance. Independent India has given back glory to beard so lefts spot it including some scientists. Some ofcourse, find  useful to spot uncared beard simply for ease. 
However, myth has been with beard as before  it was for mystics. Now, ofcourse the dimension of analysis has increased including positive as well as negative vibes. 
Still, association of beard with Ramkrishna Paramhansha is unique. One can't visualise Paramhansha without beard. Beard will continue to have its myth in days to come but expect this with positive vibe.


Monday, February 13, 2017

||| Mudhi : MoKatha |||

 Mudhi the puffed rice is now even standing popular in changing times though there is considerable apathy to Mudhi or call it Murmurra in Hindi.
Once there was a time Britannia thin arrowroot tins were housel hold requirements to keep Mudhi crisp in air-tight tins that Britannia company was making for its Biscuits while rural India was looking inwardly to Mudhi.
Mudhi-Jhal that now also one sees in east-coast train journey  is a cultural binding  between Odisha and West Bengal and some even extend it to London on watching in YouTube Jhal-Mudhi selling at London junction  because YouTube truth is tubular!
Once a quick snack from Odia Mothers, Mudhi has been relegated to back seat for  Maggi Conspiracy by AdWallas.  Rural Odia kids have changed their palates at Maggi whispers but still Mudhi has not left the scene but reappears in a packet to Supermarkets with a label manufactured in Gujarat.
Odisha finds itself at cross-road of new emerging market ! Sooner is better Odisha understands to the new Mudhi-ArthaNiti ........................


Thursday, February 9, 2017

||| GADI |||

Published on 18th Jan 2017 in Nirvaya newspaper this column talks of vehicles ...
Vehicles for middle class Indians once was it a status symbol but now not only the people of that class but also well below the class by change of life style have made vehicles a necessity. Once for people of my age used to walk 5kms up and down to attend schools but now a vehicle is to pulled up for picking up grocery from a colony shop with a valid reason that life now has become fast unlike that was mine in gold or not but gone are the days.
Well agree to fast life as it's now also has to be agreed with all the life style byproducts. This column picks up the same thread but in a style I hope as a coumnist. It's you to accept or comment 😀
Wish you a Good reading !

||| Dhadi ||

On 11th Jan '17 in Nirvaya Newspaper talks about queue and culture we the Indian society is graduating ... declaration it has nothing to do with demonetisation queue except signalling me to write in general on queue.... Enjoy and Comment on !