Wednesday, February 15, 2017

||| MoKatha :: DADHI |||

Dadhi -(Beard) the column published in Nirvaya Odia daily on 1st February 2017. Here is a gist and the Odia column .........
Beard on a face traditionally is considered as masculine signature though in recent times the bigger the official post smoother is its face. Not really when, probably from British time beard has got its formal nonacceptance. Independent India has given back glory to beard so lefts spot it including some scientists. Some ofcourse, find  useful to spot uncared beard simply for ease. 
However, myth has been with beard as before  it was for mystics. Now, ofcourse the dimension of analysis has increased including positive as well as negative vibes. 
Still, association of beard with Ramkrishna Paramhansha is unique. One can't visualise Paramhansha without beard. Beard will continue to have its myth in days to come but expect this with positive vibe.


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