Sunday, December 25, 2016


 MoKatha column on 21st December 2016 ... tells of  healthcare system in past people in village were practicing. That used to be centred around medicinal trees grown around. Village doctor 'Vaidya' had expertise in finding trees and their medicinal values. Later the expertise had been chronicled in pothis (on palm leaves ) and books. In Odisha Laxman Mishra book was widely used for reference to treat ailments. The days are gone. Not true past this Health care system was perfect. People were suffering. But, true immunity was much better and ailments were treated locally. Now, much research has given rise to medicines and different medical techniques to treat diseases and so also new diseases are appearing. Seems here a hide-and-seek game between medical science and diseases. And this will go on for time to come. There is nothing called cure and life has to end. It only matters a healthy living as long as one lives and resilience end when life has to end. Good now a days Ramdev Baba has brought awareness on Yoga to every door step and wish as long past people develop immunity to libe healthy and die peacefully .. blissful death  is a blessing too ..  who prefers to  die on 108 seat or ICU bed leaving a huge debt to next gen or being tied with tangles of Insurance companies ... better practice Yoga and die with the 108 names of Mahaprabhu on lips ....the column talks about ! ........

MoKatha column appears every Wedenesday on Nirvaya ( Page 8 ....

Comments solicited ....

Thursday, December 15, 2016


MoKatha column on 14th December on Corporate Hospitals on Nirvay Odia Newspaper talks of sea change in our healthcare system and discovers where we are among the ultra specialists in private hospitals caring for money and callous health care in Govt. hospitals discouraging Yamraj even .. where one will go then ? Seeks strong intervention of rule of the land ... Your 'bichara' (view) solited !

Friday, December 9, 2016


||| MoKatha |||

7th Dec. on Sarnath .... the holy place beckons now for a self-realization in which lakhs of Boudha Bhikshyu were engaged for years bringing excellency not only to their lives but also developing science, technology and management that is proved by the old heritage they have made for posterity thousands of years back ! 
Both the place and the people of God are to complement each other for realisation that a life looks for !
The article waits for your comments ....

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


MoKatha today takes up a noble practice humankind follows that is remembering ancestors. Different people observe it in different ways. It is an integral part of its culture for the practice links past generation to future and proves time flows through generations and so the humankind gets the solace of continuity that each hopes for the world and for the days to come. The practice that culminates at Ashi Ghat in Varanashi is a moment that destiny scripts and the script keeps flowing on ever flowing stream of pious Ganga that keeps assuring the beauty of life that past bestows upon to the present and the future on grateful remembrance of ancestors that has made inheritance today blissful.
Alas at times this practice gets entangles in itself disguise making the flow polluted for everybody's alarm. Now the time has come to make Ganga clean for it required than the rituals need modification without a loss of inheritance ....
Today's column (30th Nov. 2016) on Nirvaya takes up the issue for your judgement and observations !

Thursday, November 24, 2016

||| Banarasi Gyan |||

Banaras a city of myth as well as a reality. The reality reflects of today's world. Where myth connects today to yesterday as well as future. So, why Banaras attracts all from India and abroad. This article explores the wisdom the city has inspite of its chaotic presence.  That is indeed Banarasi GyaN ! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nagari Varanashi

An account of my Banarasha (Varanashi) visit as I saw it in my brief visit. A lot is there to see the city that looks enchanting as well as mysterious. Jai Banarasha !!!
Published on 16th Nov. 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Naribad NariDharmi

Feminism in India ... must get steered following 'NariDharma' that is true to our soil. How this got obliterated God knows but it wasn't so since Vaidic age. We have glorious ladies who have laid foundation of Indian Nari-Dharma, are inspiring to generations. Kids in school curriculum must read about such inspiring ladies so that later in their lives a positive perception on feminism takes a shape. 
Today "Naribad NariDharmi" takes up the issue on Nirvay newspaper in its Wednesday Page-8 my weekly MoKatha column.  Published on 26th october 16

||| Girls Glory for All |||

JhiaKulaKu Jita the Odia Column today on MoKatha Series at Nirvay newspaper .. Watch my column every Wednesday Page 8 : Comment and Add more to it ! Click on image for better view.
----------- This column explores the changing perception of Indian society on girl child for the call "Save Girl Child" - girls saved by earning medals in the last Olympics :

||| Naribada ra Paribhasha Khoja |||

Defining Feminism ....

Could be true with the liberty ladies had in Vaidic age, still ladies in our land have assumed a secluded living with social disadvantages with utter silent disgust. The liberation as feminism today reveals is radical, and so brings in conflict in Indian society considering every society has a basic norm that is honoured though a dynamic society adopts self-correction that is gradual. Radical feminism that primarily visible with affluent group in India damps the movement instead of energising it. It's time to define feminism in our context and invigorate the movement in positive direction. Today MoKatha column on "Naribada ra Paribhasha Khoja" on Nirvaya news paper takes up the issue ... More to say , Please say it here !

Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Last Words


କାହାର ଆଜ୍ଞା ରେ ଆସିିଲା  କହ୍ନେଇ
କାହାର ଆଜ୍ଞା ରେ ରାଧା ହେଲା ବାଇ
କାହାର ଆଜ୍ଞା ରେ ଧରା ଋତୁବତୀ ହୁଏ
କାହାର ଆଜ୍ଞା ରେ କଳା କୋଇଲି ଟି ଗାଏ ?

ଅମୀମାଂସିତ ପ୍ରଶ୍ନମାଳା
                   ଝୁଲାଇ ଦିଅଗୋ ବେକରେ
ଆମନ୍ତ୍ରଣ ମୃୃତ୍ୟୁ କୁ ମୋର
                   ଉତ୍ତର ପାଇବା ଆଶାରେ
Who makes Adam to play his flute
Who makes to Eve to dance to beat
Who tells Earth to bring Apples here
Who tells cuckoo to sing on foyer

Garland me of these unanswered questions
I Invite oh! death with  hopes  for answers  !


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Burnt-Face Gen

||| MoKatha: Burnt-Face Gen |||

... Wednesday MoKatha column on today takes on the first generation town migrants and their malady in identity crisis and sense of loosing the nativity. The column takes two props, the first gen urbanites who compete to be seen at their birthplace with honour. In the process they bring politics and destabilize the rural society with unwanted political rivalry. Thus, the gen turns to burnt-face gen !
Odia readers are invited for comments ...............

Friday, September 23, 2016

||| MoKatha - God Mine and Your |||

This column provides a narration on petty politics now runs in rural Odisha. The politics has gone so deep down that even village temple is getting divided on party line. Shocking, the deserters who still hang on horizon of village but settled in town, try to detect terms on village affairs possibly due to identity crisis they feel in urban life. The column basically provides a picture that I visualised in my the recent past visit to my village in Odisha. More or less, the story is the same all around India - an eventful transition India is facing now during its metamorphosis of rural India to urban India.
The column appeared on Nirvaya News paper on 21st Sept. '16. Every Wednesday MoKatha appears on Page-8 at - Read and Opine : A standing Welcome with thanks.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Digital Pidhi PandaNka Tharu MuhaN BuleieNeba

Published in 14th Sept. Nirvaya News paper ...

Rituals are the mode of expressing continuity of life. Atheist or theists both make their own rituals. And  later rituals are institutionalised to follow it. But, a judicious society does not stale itself being bound to some framed rules like rituals and religions. A self-assessment is needed for rational changes.
Such a change is in dire need for Odisha Sri Jagannatha temples. Thanks to media, now world knows vandalism Pandas in temples. Unless they change themselves, youth of digital age is going to discard them. Continuity of temple ritual is intertwined with a great belief of humanity, all will be at great los loss if they continue with what they are now.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


In the course of time rituals, celebrations change. Change is permanent. But some go in hurry to make a change without looking into self's possession .. probably the thing is being reinvented in the name of change. Some such changes are current call for celebration of different days .. father day, mother day, friendship day, valentine day etc. etc ... The column  takes up the mindset in such day celebrations ........ Posted on MoKatha Page 8 of 7th Sept. 16 Nirvaya News paper  ....

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gone Wise Subodha

Subodh a lad of Bangalpur  being reared up my grandmother BaieAmaa had a roaring childhood inspite being an orphan. His childhood success in study as well as all other admirable issues made people to declare him as the gem of the the village forecasting him a bright future that would make all Bangapuria proud of. But the cruel future was lurking at not too far to catch him as soon as he joined Bhadrak college to get drafted to an ism that was to bring him police cases, failures and deceptions. He felt utterly disappointed when he knew the gurus who propelled him to be drafted in the ism are themselves no less hypocrites to put their own kids in posh private schools and send them USA for higher earnings while they discourage even to drink coco-cola because they find the liquid is poisoned with capitalism. In the meantime Subodh had lost his granny and sold the lands to fund the ism-treasury to which the hand of few is laid only. Once gone underground gets disillusioned seeing the gurus at close quarters and comes out to spill the bean and to say BhadarKhias and Bangapurias study time is study-time not for panthi-giri.

Watch my column in Odia on Page-8 every Wednesday in Nirvay Newspaper

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer vaccation of an Old Man

The old man I met in train was from rural Odisha not knowing any other language except Odia. On initiating conversation the realization took me to the changes unfolding in deep rural areas of Odisha bringing in sea changes to Odia society. The change has resulted to annual sojourn of an oldman who never crossed Odisha boundary before. He comes with grandchildren and daughter-in-law every summer from village to Hyderabad. His son is a middle man to supply rural Odia unskilled youth to factories in Hyderabad. He stays mostly in Hyderabad while rest of the family stay in village. The life goes on in counting summer vacation spent at Hyderabad ... the change sociologists need to study in detail. 

My column today on Nirvay ... Welcome to watch my column every Wednesday on Page-8.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Tale of Raju Samal

My Editorial on 17th August 2016 at Nirvaya News Paper , Bhubaneshwar.

In my sleeper class journey from Secunderabad-Bhubaneswar I met Raju Samal - a youth in late 20 years, a road-side fast food maker in Hyderabad suburb earning easy money enough in coma prison to his fellow Odia migrants to Hyderabad. Stylish Raju was well spotted among all other fellow migrant workers travelling together. He was benevolent in offering tea/coffee or eatables that passed by. I hid my identity to get well among them so that I can look into their depth and get real story of pain and pleasure lying at the bottom hidden but fresh, unpolluted by complexity of urban life. Raju narrated his long journey of 12 years starting as a waiter in a small illegal bar-cum-restaurant to now a restaurant owner how small it could be. He has brought other two brothers, he's the middle one. They operate with blessings of a local dada who comes everyday for drink with chilly chicken. Brothers join him. The fun and frolics continue till late night to repeat for the next day. Raju had a video of a drink session. He showed me.
Drinking infront of elder and younger brothers, an Odia family, that to any Indian family, refuses to accept. But, it was before, not now. Odia young migrants are now taking a different culture into age old rural life that probably old may find difficult to accept. Some changes are possibly fine but some need not be so. Worry is with the extravagant life style they are prone to. Unskilled labour waits unknowingly to the vagaries of age. Again cultural change they bring into unsophisticated rural society can reach a flash point to bring chaos in mass. 
Do the local colleges / intellectuals / Govt and non-Govt agencies look into this subtle but vital change happening to rural young mass ? Wish this does not land us at 'Udta Odisha' !!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Judge by Profession

Judiciary is an essential constituents of healthy democracy. It was so also in ancient India. Villages had their panchayat as justice delivery system. Kings had their courts. British brought a system to us that we accepted as a system. Then we have a large people engaged in a profession that makes judiciary. Now, judiciary for many reasons have been slow and at times creates a void that invites interventions. An when these interventions turn undesirable judge-by-profession tends  to accept vice of a profession putting judiciary particularly for a country like ours, at a crossroad where we need to worry about. 

My Odia column on 10th August '16 in Nirvaya Odia news paper takes up the above issue ... how do you see it .. Your view please in comment box .....

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chanakya Litun

It was not really like Rahul leaving inherited reaches opting for rags, but for me a home coming by opting for a sleeper class travel in Indian Railway from Secunderabad to Bhubaneshwar on my way to village in the last summer vacation. I chose to meet the reality around me with authenticity. Falaknuma train is true for this being a carrier for unskilled labourers from eastern states mainly  Odisha, Bihar and Bengal. I met many. And decided to make them to life by my MoKatha series. Here is one on Litun Manala, a labour contractor engaged in supplying cheap migrant labour (mainly Bangladeshi ones) to Mao-infested parts of Odisha. Interestingly this illiterate man with no formal degree came out with surprise with his vast knowledge on international affairs and India's stakes in it. His elaboration on that day was on India, NSG and evolving international scenarios. 
My realisation: never look for a degree or a  stereo  look for gyan with a person - That makes India and  Indian Mahan !

[ This column on Nirvaya newspaper on 3rd August 2016 ]

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Trends in Software Testing

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Autobiography of a Hostel

||| MoKatha |||
- a life history of Student Hostels.
My Odia Column today on Nirvay Newspaper. Every Wednesday my MoKatha is there on 8th Page.
Today, I write on the changes Hostels are witnessing now. Particularly, if your kids are going to stay in a hostel, wish you have a look of the hostel before putting them there.
Odia readers are welcome for comments.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


- With respect to the change that has caught in very fast around us, our educational institutes have not been able to change their course schedule to make students trained in meeting the challenges today's world throw at them. That has reduced their employability and made education insensitive. Are the teachers even reluctant to change ? Today's my Odia column takes on this. Invite to my Odia column every Wednesday Page -8 at

Monday, July 18, 2016


- a short speech in welcoming the new students admitted to an Institute:
"Dear Students

Congratulations and warm welcome to the Institute. I initiate you to the order of the institute. Now on wards, you inherit the legacy of the Institute. The legacy is not built by just the last year but due to many years of the past. I wish you inherit the legacy in full form and contribute positively to the order. The order includes some dos and donts. It defines an yardstick for measuring your performance. Your all-round developments including the most important one, i.e. academics is our prime concern. My honourable colleagues are here to help you in your great life journey that lies ahead. 

I, on behalf of the Institute wish you success and happy life during your stay here. Let your stay be illustrious. Let the Institute grow with you. Let this great journey conquer the time ahead. All these happen with our collective effort and endeavour. Let's remember, the key to succeed is. 'SHOW MUST GO ON'. That's the life and the order of the world. Wish you grow here to meet your world with confidence and wisdom.

My Best Wishes."

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

MoKatha ... Peace in Praying Nature

||| MoKatha |||
6th July 2016 column on Nirvaya Newspaper .... "Peace in Praying Nature" .... Comment please [ Watch Every Wedneday on 8th column MoKatha ]

Saturday, July 2, 2016


||| MoKatha |||
29th June 16 column on Nirvaya Newspaper .... "Sectarian Teacher"

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


||| PROUD MOMENT : Tejas to replace MiG-21 |||
Dr. Kota Harinayana (born in 1943 at Berhampur Odisha) the chief designer of Tejas - worlds smallest fighter aircraft. He was the Vice Chancellor of University of Hyderabad too. I had an opportunity to work with him as the Head of Computer and Information Sceice Department, University of Hyderabad. Time for we Indians to celebrate at this achievement. Dr. Kota is a fine gentleman and an assiduous achiever.

||| MoKatha |||

Published on 22nd June on Nirvaya asking - where is unemployment ? Your (Odia readers) view is cordially solicited....

Friday, June 17, 2016

My column (Speaking Pond)

|||  MoKatha |||

My column (Speaking Pond) on 15th June published on Nirvaya Odia news paper from Bhubaneshwar. Will appreciate your comments. This column is a tribute my Village Pond (called Bada Pokhari) that is really big one. Please click on image to read clear.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sandeep Maheshwari

Friday, June 10, 2016

|| Aprahna _ Foreword (English) (Afternoon) |||

|| Aprahna _ Foreword (English) |||
This is the English translation of the foreword to my Third Odia poetry book
Aparahna (The Afternoon). The foreword is by Mr.Ramaknta Ratha, an
Odia poet of eminence
The poet Sri. Hrushikesha Mohanty, himself has told of his intimacy with poetry in preface of this book. One day, the poetry knocked at his door and suddenly it came in. Since then everyday, during his walks in lonely nights, she comes; both keep talking while walking along in solitude. Then, both sit across the study table and keep talking. That makes the poet realize the self, the present and the future in a way, that is unique to him . The intimacy of a real poet with poetry is always like this. That relation is neither realized by the wish of the poet nor by his/her efforts; it happens at the wish of poems. Sri Hrushikesha is blessed for this realisation and intimacy with poems, that has come to him on its own .

The new style (of his expression) I told before is visible in plenty in this volume. The inner-self (KabyPurusha) has revealed itself again and again from traditional bounds and rituals. He has not completely wiped off the past rather understood the present and has made the both complement each other. It's not true the poetics has moved heavily towards self (individualism); for the poet, the personal relations have meanings. But that relation is very different than that what he had before. Now these are much more meaningful. It has pains of the past. One suffers while searching self in it. But one has to return to present. If life is a drama, one has to look for the scenes and the director of the drama. Unconvinced poet has indulged in self questioning . The poet is restless in self search and almost always in off-beat mood!
The poet who travels such a large space within him, has uttered self with his uniqueness How can it not be? He has not been writing poems for the sake of writing poems rather he has been obliging the loving calls of poetics. I congratulate the poet and wish him the best.
Ramakanta Ratha

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MoKatha - (8th June '16

|| MoKatha |||
Today (8th June '16) mokatha on Language Nationalism in the context Odia ... the column today published in Nirvay. Access my every Wednesday column MoKatha (Odia) at on page 8. ... Comments solicited ....._/\_

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

||| MOKATHA ||| on KaliJaie

1st June '16 -Today my Odia column on Nirvaya news paper, Bhubaneshwar on our insensitivity of nature based on my observation on KalijaiE in Chilika Lake I visited in Jan '16.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

||| MOKATHA |||

||| MOKATHA |||
-Today25th May '16  column on trending student-agitations. Published on Nirvaya Odia newspaper from Bhubaneshwar!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

ରାତି ଝଡବର୍ଷାପରେ

ରାତି ଝଡବର୍ଷାପରେ, ନରମ ସକାଳ
ସ୍ନାତଶୋଧ ଚନ୍ଦ୍ରବଦନୀ ମୁଖ ଚୂର୍ଣକୁନ୍ତଳ |

ସବୁ ସଫା, ରାସ୍ତାଘାଟ ସଫା
ସଫା ମନ, ସବୁ ନାଟ ସଫା |
କବାଟ ଖୋଲିଦେଲି ଉଭା ନରମ ସକାଳ
ସ୍ନାତଶୋଧ ଚନ୍ଦ୍ରବଦନୀ ମୁଖ ଚୂର୍ଣକୁନ୍ତଳ |

ରାତି ଝଡବର୍ଷା କରେ ଏତେ ସଫା
ସକାଳ ଉଭା ଧରି ମୁଦା ଲଫାଫା |
ପୁଣି ଦିନ ପୁଣି ସେ ପ୍ରକୋପ
ଝାଉଁଳା ଜୀବନକୁ ରାତିର ପ୍ରତାପ |
ଆଖି ଖୋଲିଦେଲେ ଉଭା ନରମ ସକାଳ
ସ୍ନାତଶୋଧ ଚନ୍ଦ୍ରବଦନୀ ମୁଖ ଚୂର୍ଣକୁନ୍ତଳ |

ManuSmruti Video

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ପଢୁଆ ଆଗ ପାଂଚ

This column published on 20th April 2016 in Nirvaya Odia Newspaper from Bhubaneshwar.
My column comes every week on Wednesday on this newspaper 8th page.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

ଗାଉଁଲି କଥା (Rustic Words)

My column published in Nirvay on 6th April 16.
Please note this column appears every Wednesday on 8th page of the
Odia newspaper Nirvay.

Your comments solicited...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Neo Dhams

I don't have hesitation to pray   at any place/ to people that carry an emergent
acceptance in society. While I was praying at Bethelham, the priest asked me to confirm
whether I was a Christian. On my answer he was not able to get convinced that
a Hindu can meditate at Nativity Church. Many of us from India we do that, I'm
not an exception, I'm sure.

We accept  Babas / Sidhhas around .. also drawn from different  religions.
We are tolerant leaving aside them who tell us otherwise as we know their
strength and weakness.

Coming back, it's true our tolerance and acceptance to thoughts of our Yogis and
Sidhhas are our strength. Many a times, such things happen in world and also in India.
Probably, such arrivals have some value and purpose to control the ever increasing
entropy what mankind makes in its journey.

While waiting in a queue on 3rd April '16 for near about 3 hours I was observing
all around me and was trying to understand Siridi Sai Baba phenomena. Bought
a book from trust book shop to know more about. Let's for a while leave aside  the
frenzy and zeal of  ardent zealous followers  making one after another Sai temples.
Some even say making it a mechanism for land grabbing. That's even there for
many other temples and beliefs.

Looking at the phenomena, still, readily I can say our intellectuals who make
comments/sarcasms and adorn themselves with wise-more-than-you labels
need to make a study on these Neo-dhams and their influences on society.
Probably, it may give insight into our socio-spiritual understanding and tolerance.

Solution in framework of India is much advisable than looking for it in alien theories.
Hrushikesha Mohanty
4th April 16

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Liners

1. Being inside behave like an insider - talking from inside 
2. DharmaGhata without dharma is Adharma-Nata !
3. When you fall down, you bite the soil of this land to say aloud 'Hindustan ... Jindabad !'
4. Cheap tuition fee brings in cheap quality education: Is't true ? Hypothesis under test.
5. Activism is well practiced at others expense-Safe activism with well media coverage order of the day
6. A true activist is not supposed to act for better but to find fault with others
7. Person's weakness is religion but spirituality is the strength ... Sunday Reveals
8. ala Bihune Prana-Nasha | Tathya Bahule Sarbanasha !
9. ‪#‎NDTV‬ essentially narrates stories of Old in Delhi, so should be called‪#‎ODTV‬
10. Let the day not repeat, Let the flurry don't hit.
11. Boycott at times turn out to boy-cut :)
12. If there is hegemony in India that is due to Cricket, because my village kids have forgotten all other games for cricket.
13. If you are an outsider then you tend to remain outsider always ! .......... 
14. There is no more frantic effort and no need to make son-in-law an insider  ..... :)
15. When there's mass  there'll be nothing like Khas ! True for everything including education ... :)
16. Consensus is only a cosmetic for democracy.
17. It needn't be a mania but true, more you want to hide self more you tear others.
18.  Some myths are beautiful to remain in myth.
19. Entrance examination is discriminatory - for next campus dhamaka !
20. For Progressives' applaud, state must be responsible for all the nocturnal activities.
21. Everybody wants reservation because God has promised each something while coming down here ... assuming God is atop  
22. University though sounds  something  of 'Universe' should do good  being of local.
23. If you have been complaining persistently then time has come to look within.
24. You can only delay the end but can't end the end.
25. If you are hurt on waist it's an alert to go slow.
26. Distribution is a myth, either earn or usurp is the truth.
27. Putting your cards close to your chest is not enough, there could be one looking over your shoulder.
28. Do you still say the sum reserved  is a scholarship ? 
29.    There is no good time for difficult things, so just take it head-on.
30. Engineering aims at mass production and profits; social engineering is not an exception.
31. In order to understand one has to stand on boundary.
32. Cricket is a Brahminical or Rabbinical or of both Game !
33. Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey complete.
34. Left exists along with right and so vice-versa.
35. There's nothing wrong in making profit albeit not violating laws of the land, Indians need to be told first, they are brain washed against for all poverty to thrive. 
36. Even studying engineering is profit driven.
37. And Profit making is really not bad as long as it doesn't cost you.
38. There's glory to be rich, at least try to be rich.
39. If India now needs Azadi that's from 'Mania-of-Azadi' .
40. The words 'Dalit and Brahminical' are looking for modern progressive semantics. now for abstract descriptor than  social discriminator - a   
41. The day you  followed MCQ for  exam in Odai language in Xth class you denied flower to blossom !
42. Examination is MANUBADI with discriminating grades - shun it ?
43.  If one's washing its car everyday then the being is still at lower middle class.
44. If one's washing its car once in a week than the same is pretending as higher middle class.
45. If one is not at all cleaning its car than it's pretending as a messiah for classless.
46. When activism is a profession then it has professional hazard too !
47. You can only talk with clarity and authority on utility of public transport if and only if you get chauffer-driven office car for your convenience. 
48. National Ego is also required to make a strong nation.
49. Best life is at the best equilibrium.
50. Beggars are happy with Aahar in Odisha
51. Make an Odia life proud Dus Numbari. with Aahar (5rs) and AaBas (5rs)  for a day !
52. If contemporary India is looking for an icon for nation building it's X-Gen's favourite Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam !  
53. When you made bonsai yesterday, you denied shade to yourself and agreed humming AC to bring misery  into your  bed room.
54. I produce STATE MUST REAR - that's the human-right at the best form in India.
55. Ask Me More - Indian Neta are always for.
56. Give Me More - Indian Citizens are always for.
59. Indians (some) get confused with  Nationalism because freedom came to us in midnight when many were asleep. 
60. The day 'Dill Mange More' appeared on flat-faces since then Freebie-democracy has got its field-days here. 
61. Don't blame  politicians for not being transparent as RTI has undone to itself.
62. Transparency through eGovernance is possible only when system cookies are disabled! 
63. Thank God there are  sign boards atleast in engineering colleges for some other branches of engineering than Computer Science and Engineering. 
64. Drought set in India since we started importing dates from Arabia. 
65.Caste system will be eradicated in India only when you help yourself for your hair-cut !
66. Night rain is Coco-Conspiracy to save its revenue in day-time sale. 
67. WhatsApp is anti-bourgeois for it cuts revenue of capitalist cell-service providers. 
68. Mother knows her children needs: free phones, gold, land etc. etc.
69. Skin-whiteners  are invented to end discrimination, promote their sales if you really stand for the cause.  
70.  While Computer Science provides bread, Social Science demands for butter.
71. Internet access is to be added to citizen's fundamental right. 
72. Respect is earned and gender is not license to it.
73. India is becoming super power as many Indians have stared drinking sealed-bottle mineral water - more we drink so more we turn super!
74. Some social scientists choose to remain blind since Socrates drank poison closing his eyes. 
75. Indian electorates soon after fixing opaque glass window-shutters in homes, have started demanding transparency elsewhere. 
76. Indian leftism is unique because non-of its brand leaders own  Marx-beard !
77. Difference between yesterday world and today world is, Hyderabad sweating !
78. Activists are like unpaired electrons oflate seeking for making of issues getting paired.
79. Yesterday Rudali and today activist reflect invariance of our society.
80. Life is from OM to ATM and ATM to OM !
81. Heart-throbs are meant for heart-aches.
82. When you sweat by legs you take to half-pants.
83. Wearing colourful clothes doen't mean you are less colourful without.
84. If all in family proceed together to vegetable market then be sure they often must be ordering mixed-veg curry to home for dinner.
85. Primary truth is only  visible at grain-and-vegetable markets.
86. When you accept freebies in broad day-light, you allow self to be in deep dark in many more things.
87. When an electoral victory attracts many fathers, a loss turns bastard.
88. One can always think self a Harry Potter who can one day slay the Voldemort. 
89. Turmoil in life mostly lessens if you can remember correctly where did you start.
90. Is birth always accidental ?
91. Common civil code means commonality in civilisation.
92.If you are running away don't look back because jackals do that and there are only few left with.
93. The success of self-help is selfie: Self-help redefined.
94. Being always online with Facebook,  essentially suggests the user is indeed  a loner !
95. Indian social scientists looked towards west because that time made-easy on Chanakya was not available.  yet have only discovered Chanakya in Chandmama and TV serial !
96. Computing scientists have gone for soft computing  and randomised algorithms taking clue from   Vishnu and Lakshmi divine dice playing!
97. Grandparents ask - Is that Social Studies now  Social Science ?
98. Leadership can be cultivated need not be earned by academic degree or family lineage !
100.  All medicines are for safe-landing not cure .
101. Landings are always beautiful including start and end ones.
102. Rats only jump off a sinking ship but captain sinks with it.
103. WORLD HAS NOT MOVED MUCH EXCEPT moving from cave to cave now moves flat to flat.
104. If kids send WhatsApp messages telling they are caught up with software bugs so will call later then you have succeeded in putting them in the track you wished for them . Congratulate Yourself !
105. Big Data analytics looks for illusive world order with the plight of statisticians and computing professionals. 
106. Big Data and Big Maya, both go hand in hand for God's delight.
107. Big Data analytics is a human attempt to confuse God.