Monday, January 31, 2011

Making of a Call

Give Me Blood! I Promise You Freedom!!
At a rally of Indians in Burma, July 4, 1944 this was the statement Netaji made at the great rally where he was elected with acclaim as the leader of the freedom movement in East Asia. The speech infused new life to a movement which had been weakened by internal dissensions. Sad, this time we didn't get enough time to remember him being amidst of the scams. But still, the call he made, is even now electrifying for both young and old.

Recently, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi gave a call,"Give me ten years of your life and after that you will be very proud of your contribution."[1]

I'm not sure how many will take up the call. A country needs a call at times for making its pace of progress accelerating. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong with us so that a call like this becomes a no-call.

It requires a soul searching. I think here I should quote the call President Obama made to his country men, "Your Country Needs You" - an inclusive call, a call of sacrifice and call of a glory that all cherish. Making of a call brings difference into!


Hrushikesha Mohanty
31st january 2011

We and Our New Car

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making of World Order of Your Own

At Davos, Wipro Chairman Azim Premzi, expressed his disappointment at US [1], alleging of its double standard on global trade practices for products and services. US wants third world markets to open up for US products (like Microsoft Window etc.) while it does not want to give space to India for getting into US service sector. Saying simply, US does not want to allow body shopping for Indian IT companies. President Obama wants his people to get job. Azim Permzi is right for complaining of US treating Indian IT companies as IT-Sudras (as they are in services)and possibly one can express distaste at IT-Brahminical attitude of US.

I agree but wonder why India IT-Companies are not moving up in value chain from
IT-Sudra to next step up. It sounds castiest remark! I'm sorry. But, this question Indian IT companies must put to themselves. They can't expect or should not expect
easy money and the same time benefits from tax payers. Much later, Russia came to
IT export business and it is at the point to match with India. You don't make a IT-giant writing GUI codes!

At a position you make a global-order, you don't ask for it. US knows it much better!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
30th January 2011

1. Ref.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Not living for the Next Salary

"On a cold night in a quiet town, 71-year-old Jeff Knaebel crept into the ruins of an ancient Buddhist meditation center in northern India, doused himself with a flammable liquid and set himself alight to protest what he called cruelty in the United States and India." (Taken from 28th Jan 11

It's sad, an admirer of Gandhi- the Father of the Nation, had to take such a decision
being scared of Indian police and disgusted with both US (the country of his birth) and India (his chosen country for Gandhi).

Sri Jeff Knaebel wrote to his friend Sri Desai,"By my death I send my answer to the rulers of the Corporate State who value property and profit more than human life. ... They will no longer control me," said the letter, given by Desai to The Associated Press. Desai said he received the letter a few weeks ago but did not know Knaebel had any immediate plans to die.

You can call him something else, but sure he is very sensitive; the persons like
him are sure different than many of us who just live for the next salary!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
28th Jan 11

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrate India

At Davos, somebody said today, 'celebrate India'. Seems, it's too bad or timid to tell the same inside India. The point is who celebrates and for what. True, all of one billion plus there will be no sure cause to celebrate. But, a good portion of them should have. If the celebration is for very few, then of-course that is there in Davos for those neo billionaires !

It's also true, instead of celebration of rise in our economy alas with double digit inflation in- spite of all the efforts of the best degree holders in Economics, the country is plagued with curse of scams. Some say, it is bad to tell bad of ours in public; like some being ultra-patriot, used to object Satyajit's Ray's movies, though they now feel proud of him owning Oscar. They fear telling openly of scams may de-motivate investors. But, they forget Investors decide to come to India for its openness. The real celebration of India is to deliver justice to billion mass, by wiping off the scamsters!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
27 Jan 2011.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Said

"Never Play With The Feelings Of Others Because You May Win The Game
But The Risk Is That You Will Surely Loose The Person For Life Time".

"The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people,
But because of the silence of good people!"

"I am thankful to all those who said NO to me Its Because of them I did it myself.."

Abraham Lincoln.........
"If friendship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person in the world"

"Laughing Faces Do Not Mean That There Is Absence Of Sorrow!
But It Means That They Have The Ability To Deal With It".

William Arthur.........
"Opportunities Are Like Sunrises, If You Wait Too Long You Can Miss Them".

"When You Are In The Light, Everything Follows You,
But When You Enter Into The Dark, Even Your Own Shadow Doesn't Follow You."

"Coin Always Makes Sound But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent.
So When Your Value Increases Keep Yourself Calm Silent"

Dr Abdul kalaam........
"It Is Very Easy To Defeat Someone, But It Is Very Hard To Win Someone"

Taken from Internet - Usual Disclaimer floows
Hrushikesha Mohanty

Your Country Needs You

I have chosen to work rather than gluing to TV. Felt, that's sure my country needs first. But, still there is a need of formal celebration both in every sphere starting from personal occasions to national and international occasions. I saw on Internet a few photos claiming to arise patriotic fire in onlookers. True, the show the celebration puts up is colorful. But, how is it understood, is difficult to guess. Has it raised the level.

Today, there was a piece of news on US President Obama giving a call to US citizens telling,
"Your Country Needs You", in the context of competing with India and China, to maintain
US superiority in Science and Technology. The four words "Your Country Needs You" - is certainly
capable of awakening the fire within.

Alas, the leaders in India fail miserably. Some of them say with tongue in cheek, some of them
lack clarity and some of them prefer to keep mum - so for many Indians these celebrations remain
meaningless while struggling for daily existence!

Nobody tells and very few Indians feel the words: "Your Country Needs You"
Wish that will not be true for long.

Hrushikesha Mohanty

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Of Being Irrational

All preach to act as a rational. There is a good old phrase
'Human is a rational being'. I agree. But, sometime I feel
there is so much life being irrational that science denies.
A dream of the Lord, makes a person on high spirit. But,
rationalist will surely question it and also will give
a theory of action of a dogmatic mind. May be they are
True. But, they don't give me my Happiness.

Similarly, since long I was playing trick of Santa visiting
our house with gifts on 24th Dec. night till my kids found
it wrong. But, we missed a lot of fun in our house since they
became rational.

On beatification on Mother Teressa I was happy. I see a lot
of happiness and affection looking at her photo. I believe
she possess a kind of divinity. Rationalist, may not agree.
Recently, The Hindu published a beatification a story of the
Vatican Pope.

The same, The Hindu published since the last two days
on Makar Jyoti at
Sabarimela where an unfortunate tragedy struck this time.
The news paper has declared it man-made with inconclusive
interviews statements collected from some people.

The point is whole issue of tragedy has got diverted. Such
tragedy can happen in any mass gathering. Hill top, Tirumala
gets a huge crowd round the year. So, also public
rally / cricket matches. get huge crowd. Our police must be
trained in crowd management. Curriculum should be there for
kids to learn how to behave in a crowd.

What's the point of questioning on divinity of Makar Jyoti?
Let people realise it and take decision on their own. And let
us leave those, even if one thinks them irrational, to seek
solace on their belief followed so strongly following a month long
self-control and penance.

There is so much life being Irrational!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
23rd January 2011

On Today's Malavyas'

Lt. Gen Rath broke down hearing the verdict today pronounced by ," General Court Martial (GCM) Presiding Officer Lt Gen I J Singh." I can understand the pain Lt.Gen Rath must be having. The credibility of his total illustrious career is just washed away for issuing no objection certificate, for 70 acres of land adjacent to Sukha miitary base, to a private builder who floated a trust - Agarwal Geetanjali Education Trust - to set up an affiliate school of the prestigious Mayo College in the area. Lt.Gen Rath blames the system, and pointer aims to the then Chief and babu's defence minstry. The issue is grave certainly. And another Adarsh Scam is on our face now!

But, here I'd like to make a point on a set of people who over night have become messiah for the cause of education. A similar case is of Vedanta University by Anil Agarwal. He has asked and Odisha Govt has agreed to provide 4000 acres(or 6000 acres???) of land on Puri-Konark marine drive for Vedanta University. Anil Agarwal has certainly become educationist for prime land! God knows why does he require so much land. I have seen Universities in Europe, they have come up in very small patch of land. How many acres of land NUS, Singapore has?

There could be so many such bad examples of today's Madan Mohan Malavya's !

Let me give a good example. Yesterday, I rang up to Sj.Bankim Chandra Moharana, a retired high school head master in my native place. He was teaching a group of students, training them for tenth exam. He does not charge. On the top of it students from far places, stay in his house.

I wondered education is still alive not with these Today's Malavyas' but with people like Bankim Sir!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
22nd January 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aparahna - The Third Anthology of Odia Poems

I'm glad to say, my third anthology of Odia Poems
is getting ready for release in 1st quarter of 2011.
These are contents of the book here:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Return of the Arrows

Pushing me away off the Milkway
what you murmur in haste at my ear
I couldn't get, but later realized here.
All these sprout, and I feel the need with a sigh
to live in this prolonged but limited play
where living is a cocktail of hopes and addictions,
the dry thirst of a cactus to grow in desert
or to flow as a hidden stream within.

Oh! the benevolent, so your offer of five arrows
for my shrunken soul that shot from trembling fort,
so many bled and many got wounded
and some fell silent and some got defeated.

Now, I an assassin, a Chandashok dance
while my deceived moments lament
and I put a dark dot on calendar hung on my wall
and I know, I'm a sophomore waiting for the call.

The day the wall denied for more, I with horror
counted the dots; thought should I curse to myself ?

But without, I remain restless to return those arrows
that has made me a Karna of my sorrows!

Are you there with loose skin folds in disguise
or being a frightened Kunti? Don't ask me, is of no need
when my defeat is carved, long before in.

Still, I lived with raised bow and shooting arrows
to write my Mahabharat carrying the loads –
the loads of my senses.

Oh! the disguise, I'm disfigured and dazed
at your razor-look and my flesh falls off in red balls.
Since long, there waiting dogs and jackles for flesh
but now the cool and repentant Kurukshetra asks
the cause of war and the cause of bloodshed;
with my hung head I confess no gain, no gain with these arrows.

But, both Kurukshetra and the war are mine,
the fight is mine and the needful arrows were to shine.
But now, no more and not more I need
and ready to give up the arrows I greed.

Let the drops of light kiss me again and again
to turn me to an Outsider for the soft touch and warmth
before I rest on this silent pathway
here I kneel down and offer - take those away! Take those away!

This also appears at Muse India, Jan-Feb 2011

Being a quark

Thrown off the Milky Way got this form?
Hurling my legs and hands I asked in intense
to deep blue sky, 'who'm I? Tell me why?'

It doesn't tell, remains silent as ever,
and makes me run around without a cover.
My quest follows for a reply.

My horoscope gives me a way
but it installed me to dictate
for my utter discomfort.

Inch by inch I'm pushed off
not to emerge but got submerged
in humdrum of the world I created.

Me the outsider hangs around at the periphery
being invisible as the one in busy traffic square

looking for a way as the signals glare.
Unknown my past, and so also future.
Today, the dot eager to explore.

I, the aggregate of love-dews
see empty around when
the door-frame denies entry anymore.

Then why’m I here? What for?
Am I a droplet? A shadow to vanish in deep blue sky?
Still, like to float around today as a dot.
Like to bake my cake on my hearth in Sun
and search in night for lily in moon
even I'm a quark exist to vanish soon.
It has appeared in MuseIndia Jan-Feb 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Review of MadhyahNa

Please click on images for better view.

This is the first review of MadhyahNa -
the second anthology of my Odia Poems.
The review is published in Namasya-
the literary Odia magazine published
by Mahatab Sanskritika Parishada, Simulia.
The review is done by Sj. Bankim Chandra Moharana.
Sj. Moharana has received the Best Teacher award
by the President of India for his life time
contribution to teaching. His encouragement
has been a driving force for me
in my literary pursuit.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Semane ThilaBele O PaRe

Published in 'Namasya 2010' - annual literary
magazine from my native place Simulia.
This magazine is brought out by

Mahatab Smruthi Sanshad Simulia.


Sri Bankimchandra Moharana
Sri Chittaranjan Mohanty
Sri Akshya Kumar Panda