Saturday, December 30, 2017

Culture and Development

Published in Nirvara on 27th Dec. 17

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


||| Kala Degree Aloda |||

Suddenly everybody finds degrees in Social Science before told Arts are irrelevant. In changing world Social dynamics is becoming so complex and at the same time the current administrative structure is becoming so irrelevant a new look is to be given for social science studies so that the social science students will be the harbinger of changes .......... MoKatha on 29th Nov 19 in Nirvay daily Newspaper

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

|| Engineering Rural |||

MoKatha Column on 22nd Nov '17 for Nirvay Newspaper talks of idea of engineering curriculum for rural life wishing mass scale employment of engineering students and betterment of rural life with social order when IT service market is srinking engineering-rural will be the game changer ... !

[ The view in column is just as I see, it's exclusively personal view. ]

Saturday, December 16, 2017

On Gita

||| The Changes in Engineering Education |||

15 Nov. 17 My MoKatha Column on Nirvaya News Paper touches the theme. It's my personal view open for criticim and debate.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Today's UNO

Lot of debate and expectation what should be UN in contemporary world .. the theme is taken in this short weekly MoKatha column on 8th Nov in Niravaya News paper !@

Your goodness for comments please ( Odia readers- be pardon from friends not reading Odia )

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Guru Dibas

||| My Speech on Space Week Celebration |||

||| My Speech on Space Week Celebration |||

Honourable Governor of Odisha , Eminent Scientist Director ISRO Dr. Kunihikrishnan , Respected Founder of KIIT and KiSS Prof. Achyut Samnata, DGM Dr. Ajit Kumar Natha, ISRO scientists present here, Space loving Students, participants, The  Registrar and My Colleagues of KIIT and KISS and Media!
First let me convey sincere gratitude to ISRO for choosing KIIT to celebrate World Space Week . Sir, We feel privileged for this honour and trust you have bestowed upon us.
Space has been mysterious with our epics and folklores. In Odisha Mothers aspire moon to appear on the palms of her kid. Girls aspire to be blessed with a moon-like groom. ‘Twinkle twinkle little stars’ rhyme multiplies the mystery of space in the eyes of a child.
Now, science and technology has demystified space. Scientists relentlessly keep looking into deep space in search of origin of life. Proudly our country, India has been forefront in this scientific journey to Space. ISRO has been a proud for us. We are now on par with the developed countries in Space Technology.
Now Space Technology has become useful to many more societal applications. In this context I adore the effort of ISRO outreach program like this. It will certainly make public aware of the technology our scientists have developed.
Under the leadership of our Founder we have been in forefront in academics and social responsibility that a University should have.
I have some requests to the Director Sir for your kind help!
1.Our inspired students wants to  develop a micro-satellite
2. To set up a unit at KIIT for lightning warning. Our spread across at the state can be utilized for the purpose
3. We have adopted several villages under our NSS programem. We want to integrate your outreach mission across the remote villages in Odisha.
We request your good office to enable us to partner with your noble causes.
On behalf of KIIT and KIIS family I extend my sincere thanks to ISRO for organizing this exhibition here. And also I extend my gratitudes to the Honouable Governor for being with us in this august occasion.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

||| MuN BasMalli |||

Published in 2017 Sailaja Puja Sankhya

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

||| E Juga Ra Ekalavya |||

Published on 19th Sept. 2017 in Nirvaya Newspaper

The process of learning is evolving.... n childhood we were told to read in early hours for good memory. Asked to repeat and repeat reading for n times. Revise and write, listen, read and write in a loop until one excels, like cracking JEE exam. Some say no to toiling rather study while playing... different experts differ in their views but the real learner is the Ekalavya who at odds learns and excel though in-spite of the luck deceives still the thirst for the knowledge remains unquenchable !

The present effort in making knowledge available on MOODLE  Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is to make students learn at anytime from anywhere being from far from Gurus and class rooms ........ the Ekalavyas of the time are arriving ... let's welcome them 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

||| MoKatha : The Picture of Villages Tomorrow |||

||| MoKatha : The Picture of Villages Tomorrow |||

Large scale Exodus from villages and at the same time clamour for more and more amenities like roads, electricity etc to villages ... all together what image of Indian villages, can project is the theme of the article. My projections some could be wrong but I can't be totally wrong because still I eat Mudhi (murmura) with black tea (Nali chaa') in evening ... :) Your view solicited _/\_ 13th Sept. 2017 Nirvaya

Monday, August 28, 2017

||| MoKatha :: Gyani Partha |||

Gyani is the one who can act wisely at the right place, right time and right context ... MoKatha on 9th Aug 17 on Nirvaya Newspaper

Friday, August 25, 2017


Maa Samaleie Mangala Karantu

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The river that once was flowing full chest is now shrunk. That river is Salandi I know since my childhood. On the way of visiting maternal parent I saw Salandi with it serene as well as fury. The same Salandi bad is shrunk to a stream of back waters. The greenery on its bank has become history. Now one finds chimneys spewing black smoke while baking bricks for the make of concrete jungle. Its sands are being rubbed. Salandi is arrested by dam and the fall in rain falls has added to its woos. Dry river bad is being encroached by land mafia ... The river is almost dead ! The story repeats in India for many rivers. Rejuvenation of rivers and water bodies is the call of the hour !

The theme is addressed on my MoKatha column on 26th July '17 Nirvay News paper !
 Comments please .......

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

||| Video Yudhha |||

This column published on Nirvaya newspaper on 12th July '17 talks of videos on surgical strike our Army carried out at POK border !

Video war is fought by warriors of words only ! And war of words, hey say much powerful, in this case damaged immensely insinuating our defence forces . That a citizen never ever wishes to do. Unfortunately we did. Some questioned army to prove the surgical strike putting war video in public. Then opponent came out with a manufactured video countering the claim our defence forces made. The war-word lords remain engaged in public insinuation.  Ultimately heroes on toes risking their lives leaving near and dears are questioned to prove. What an unfortunate scene we had to watch ! It is now a natinal risk !

The soldiers of this holy land historically are revered for their readiness for ultimate sacrifice  ! We have proved our undeserved countrymen questioning the them ! 

The column takes on this with passionate appeal to refrain from this unmaking and graduate self in the spirit of motherland's honour and pride ! Jai Hind !!!

Friday, July 7, 2017


21t June on Nirvaya on MoKatha Column is about Social Networking and its protocol on usage- this brief is for non-Odia friends with interest on MoKatha !

Not very long back, in rural society information dissemination was either from village joints under big banyan trees where men gather or on the steps to ponds where women assemble.

Kings sent announcers to villages along with drummers to spread message while the drum beatings were increase the heart beats of subjects.

Epic ages also have messengers like Hanuman who took the mighty to fires on being insulted thus from those days announcing the respect of messengers needed to have. Now even diplomatic protocol follows the same rule.

Now the message carrier has changed to Internet , the modern Hanuman carrying huge digital loads of Tera bytes across space, ocean and over continent in almost no time. Society is being built over Internet being called Social Networking, cyber society. Where there is along with sociability also bring hates of nearness. The hate when spread in light speed it engulfs the Globe instantly thus bringing in potential danger threatening  the society. In the name of Right-to-Speak once one speaks irresponsibly loosing sensibility the digital society will turn to 'Bhasmashura' bringing annihilation around in real world. This calls for utter restraint in using Social Networking. 

The column takes up the issue and proposes to teach kids on etiquette in Social Networking   !!!

The essence is here for non-Odia reading friends !

Comments are solicited always !

the Columnist

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Gorakshak (Cow-Saver ) issue has become a matter of debate creating difference between communities. Respecting cows as mother in our country is an age old belief. Lord Krishna among the midst of cows is a picture that comes in mind as one closes its eyes in tranquility. Cow-katha dominates our literature. It's show for Bharat for its agrarian life style particularly in Ganges valley so, it is cow-belt. Putting one against other between communities in the name of Cow is the master trick British played of which we remain hunted till now. One agrees or not a large population of Bharat still believe Cow-Mata inspite of automation in farming taking strong root in modern Bharat. It'll also remain so whatever length one goes in changing in the course of time . Smuggling of cows to slaughter houses is the last deed one can tolerate while the basic tenant of belief remains with Cow as Cow-Mata. While the administration fails people take up. But, when administration takes up the profiteers get a jolt and hideously hit with defeating design. Gorakshaks could be nourishing  such a design may at the behest of  somebody who cherishes the failure of the rival. So, the need of the hour is to punish those who take laws into hands in the name Mother-Cow !
This contentious issue this column takes up in today's MoKatha column published in Nirvay Newspaper today ! Remarks, criticisms are, ofcourse invited from dear readers (sorry for friends who don't know Odia, but the essence I have put  in English here)

Thursday, June 29, 2017


||| MoKatha !!!! Whose Pride is't |||

Everyone of count tells or boasts of being Odia ! The column of mine published on 28th June '17 on Nirvaya newspaper takes up the issue while lakhs of Odia unskilled workers toiling hard in harsh conditions at far places then boasting being Odia is of whose count ??? Is't for elites to remember and remind the glorious past at the cost of the present ....

Saturday, June 10, 2017

||| SIMA REKHA |||

The border line gives a shape to an entity. Particularly for a country border line is the sanctity and the mark of existence that citizens always remain vigilant at the cost of anything they can . It's just so because an entity grows with security being protected at its border line. India's Vedic hymn tells to be global while respecting and securing country's border line. The column in Odia, Sima Rekha published on 19th April Nirvaya newspaper gets on this theme ............ This is the end of 'Rekha' series .. Don't mistake with Bolliwood Rekha ... :) Your comments solicited ..

Friday, June 9, 2017

||| Lakshman Rekha |||

The Lakshman Rekha : The line of Limitation .... Anybody doesn't like to be limited. Obvious, but it in context. Limiting self is due to the metric one defines for self. The puranic Lakshman Rekha we all know. Limiting self in conscious is the the line of limit seems each one has to define for self ... the theme is base of the column published on 3rd May 17 Nirvaya Newspaper .. Critics are welcome !!!

||| Bhagya Rekha |||

The Luck Line - Bhagya Rekha is mysterious for all of us as we all want to peep through the time window and see what lies ahead of us. We always have hope all predictions are good for us. Even God wishes to hear what the time has kept ahead so every year Panji/Panchang reading rituals in temples are practiced. At leisure or despair we look at our luck lines on palm with the brilliant lines on well developed soft palms bring tons of lucks. The luck lines almost get erased from bony palms of working people ... for such people "Apana Haath Jagannath" the hands only  make the luck  ... the column published on 12th April '17 Nirvays says ....

Thursday, June 8, 2017

||| Bakra Rekha |||

Talking something indirect known "Bakra Katha" meant to tell something crisp sharp but not openly pinpointed. When one does it openly it's called quarrelsome, indecent. But, talking in indirect,soft but sharp  is diplomatic. Bakrata .. curvy nonlinearity has its charm to onlookers of right kind of aptitude. The point this cloumn published on 10 th May '17 Nirvaya Odia Newspaper ... Your comments solicited.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


English translation is not the total but makes a sense of the column ...
 [  Appeared on 5th April 2017 ]
The earliest kingdom in India of Maurya Chandragupta  dating back almost 2000 years (approx) was the largest empire in Bharat Varsha spreading almost upto mid-Asia. Still, the time does not make a mention of Manipur though lately Himalaya comes live with Adi Shankaracharya having his last abode at Kedarnath. However though not History but mythology in Mahabharata links to Manipur that has name different names in its timeline.
Manipur with its earlier name Mekhala coes to live with a set of its inhabitants called Meitei who started living in Imphal valley that was before submerged. As the valley went dry, people from uplands came down to settle with cultivation as major occupation. That brought in a different style life style than that of upland people. Though, it's a fact till now  conflict between people two lifestyle now even flares up still all agree they are the twins got separated in timeline. The clans mainly people seven clans of valley as well as hills keep their embryocal cords intact being from the same mother that is the same soil. 
Meitei how the name came though still remains mystery still it identifies an important set of people in Manipur who have made immense contribution to all most all the facets of Manipur. It was in the past and now it's also in the present. Though now the hill community is making a mark in Manipur life still the state unhesitatingly admits the contribution of Meitei community to Manipur.     

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Janajati ru Rashtrabad : Manipur

Few minutes back Zee Tv was showing an interview with Jahabua tribes who are ready to reply Kashmir valley stone-pelters by their native Gopon tool. Nationalist tribes we find from Ramayan times with Guhak standing behind Prabhu Ramchandra as a friend and a pathfinder. In present days they are no less in bringing laurels to the nation.
This article the second in series on my Manipur trip in December 2016 traces the changes Manipur has gone through from tribal society to a society of nationalists joining in the stream of the nation.
Human journey has brought in community, culture and nation. Manipur is a laboratory of this experimentation. Thirty five tribes now but could be many more in past came down to Imphal valley from surrounding hills to form a community called Maitei that is torch bearer of Manipur culture culminated with excellency in dance, sports, cottage industries and now poising for a big leap when its youngsters are venturing out across the nation and beyond.
Seven clans make maitei community, culture and belief system of Sanamahi worshipping nature the ultimate creator with two sons Pakhanba the mighty and Sanamahi the wise and weak - the myth resembles to Kartik and Ganesh ! Pakhamba ruled the kingdom but Sanamahi is worshiped in every house as the presiding deity. Later during the reign of the king Garib Nawaj Sanatan dharma came into the valley with Mahaprabhu Sri Jagannatha and Sri Govind ji ! Next in 18th century Islam and Christianity came in. A silent experiment in the laboratory of Manipur is still going on resulting Manipuri a rashtrabadi citizen for which whole nation is proud of with glory of Mary Kom and likes !
This column has made an attempt to trace the social experiment with its myth and subtlety in its limited space and my limited knowledge gathered in a week long trip to this beautiful land of jewels !

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Visited Manipur in 2016 amidst of blockade .. still my journey was memorable because of unexpected help from my student and his family. Thankful to them.

Manipur is an exciting state as if God is engaged in social experiment in a closed laboratory. It has its own mythology and also a mention in Mahabharata. It's own native religions and Sanatan Dharma. A place of fusion and social experimentation. With all diversity the state Mannipur is a jewel on the crown of Bharat Mata !

This article published in Nirvay on 8th March '17, explores its mythology and history is finding its origin to the name Manipur. It's short but not complete trace but touches upon exciting aspects leading to naming of Manipur state.

I urge those who have not visited yet, to visit this beautiful state ...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


The honour od Jagadguru goes to two -  Sri Krishna and Adi Shankaracharya ! Both pronounced philosophy of higher order for the mankind. While Sri Krishna offered Gita, Adi Shannkaracharya added Adwaitya to human knowledge !
My respect goes to Pundit Nityananda babu  for timely advising me to make d-tour from Guruvayur to Kochin to Kalladi the place Adi Shankaracharya born. Beautiful place with fervour of serenity and spirituality for the boy born there to enlighten and integrate India with his philosophy. So nice the place is preserved with its genuinity.
Wonder Kaladi inspires our Sri Mandira priests and administrators !!! 

Bilua Nana

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rituals and Temples

This column on MoKatha series is published on 22nd Feb. '17. The topic it addresses on rituals and temples, particularly on temples in Kerala. Inspite of left dominated successive Govt.s Kerala has kept its temple traditions almost intact though there has been some calls for changes in rituals in Ayappa temple.

Rituals are beautiful remembrance of past and its beauty in living with life. At times, some rituals become baggage of time even. This raises questions on continuance of rituals. Throwing away all rituals is also at the same time will make life monotonous. 

A balanced reasoning on continuation of rituals is addressed in this column and at the same time the column laments on the sad incident on trampling away a beautiful auspicious ritual of Brahma Paribartan at Sri Mandira Puri. I was thinking that while standing in a queue with traditional dress for darshan at Guruvayur Temple, Kerala.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Kerala Chinta AmaR Chinta

Published on 15th Feb on Nirvaya newspaper in MoKatha series talks about the evolution of Kerala Society and current tension among different communities and rooting of terror groups. What has gone wrong where is a study for Social Scientists. It's not only worries for Kerala but also for total India for its amalgamation of various people in the course of time. Odia readers are invited to comment on ...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

||| MoKatha :: DADHI |||

Dadhi -(Beard) the column published in Nirvaya Odia daily on 1st February 2017. Here is a gist and the Odia column .........
Beard on a face traditionally is considered as masculine signature though in recent times the bigger the official post smoother is its face. Not really when, probably from British time beard has got its formal nonacceptance. Independent India has given back glory to beard so lefts spot it including some scientists. Some ofcourse, find  useful to spot uncared beard simply for ease. 
However, myth has been with beard as before  it was for mystics. Now, ofcourse the dimension of analysis has increased including positive as well as negative vibes. 
Still, association of beard with Ramkrishna Paramhansha is unique. One can't visualise Paramhansha without beard. Beard will continue to have its myth in days to come but expect this with positive vibe.


Monday, February 13, 2017

||| Mudhi : MoKatha |||

 Mudhi the puffed rice is now even standing popular in changing times though there is considerable apathy to Mudhi or call it Murmurra in Hindi.
Once there was a time Britannia thin arrowroot tins were housel hold requirements to keep Mudhi crisp in air-tight tins that Britannia company was making for its Biscuits while rural India was looking inwardly to Mudhi.
Mudhi-Jhal that now also one sees in east-coast train journey  is a cultural binding  between Odisha and West Bengal and some even extend it to London on watching in YouTube Jhal-Mudhi selling at London junction  because YouTube truth is tubular!
Once a quick snack from Odia Mothers, Mudhi has been relegated to back seat for  Maggi Conspiracy by AdWallas.  Rural Odia kids have changed their palates at Maggi whispers but still Mudhi has not left the scene but reappears in a packet to Supermarkets with a label manufactured in Gujarat.
Odisha finds itself at cross-road of new emerging market ! Sooner is better Odisha understands to the new Mudhi-ArthaNiti ........................


Thursday, February 9, 2017

||| GADI |||

Published on 18th Jan 2017 in Nirvaya newspaper this column talks of vehicles ...
Vehicles for middle class Indians once was it a status symbol but now not only the people of that class but also well below the class by change of life style have made vehicles a necessity. Once for people of my age used to walk 5kms up and down to attend schools but now a vehicle is to pulled up for picking up grocery from a colony shop with a valid reason that life now has become fast unlike that was mine in gold or not but gone are the days.
Well agree to fast life as it's now also has to be agreed with all the life style byproducts. This column picks up the same thread but in a style I hope as a coumnist. It's you to accept or comment 😀
Wish you a Good reading !

||| Dhadi ||

On 11th Jan '17 in Nirvaya Newspaper talks about queue and culture we the Indian society is graduating ... declaration it has nothing to do with demonetisation queue except signalling me to write in general on queue.... Enjoy and Comment on !

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This column has appeared on 28th Dec. on Nirvaya in its MoKatha series of columns by me.

The column emphasizes on sea change taken place in healtcare service in towns. There was a day rural people may be very few times in life used to visit private doctors in towns when local public hospitals denied the service either for its inability or non availability of doctors.
Town healthcare was managed by few counted doctors those who even run their clinic ancestrally. This was a trend for law service and teaching service too. It was running in family blood. Villagers used to refer to a clinic by square name  or by ancestral name. They used to go for healthcare when used to visit katchery for legal services. Urban people though bit often than villagers still they were frequenting their lane or bazaar doctors. Hardly, people either from rural or urban people used to move to medicine college hospitals for quality health services. The lane doctor used to be 'doctor-uncle' for all. Infact, such doctors took the role of village vidyas' to play in urban area.A kind of equilibrium in healtcare used to prevail for win-win for people didn't have enough money for hefty payments at the same time govt. was not in a position to care fast.
Thus bot. old rural as well as urban healthcare practices are found in-efficient. So, more the private parties now play a massive role in developing healthcare . The article while tracing out past prevailing town practices looks into possible changes towards indigenous healthcare medicines as well as tools.