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The Second Jaliyanawalawag of India : Eram

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The place Eram is very near to my native place.
So, I want to tell my blog readers of my place and
people .........



The Second Jaliyanawalawag of India

______This famous place of sacrifice located at 16 km away from Basudebpur of Bhadrak district. One side of this land is bounded by the Bay of Bengal and the other three sides are surrounded by two rivers the Gameye and Kansabansa. Secured by these natural boundaries this place is used as a citadel by the freedom fighters. Due to these natural boundaries it is not so easy for the police and the administrative persons to enter in to this place. More over there is an open field bounded by three sides' with one gate in its north east direction, which was used by the freedom fighters as a place of public meeting. Starting from 1920 prominent nationalist leaders of ODISHA like Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das and Utkal Kesari Dr. H.K. Mahatab perform public meetings at that place for several times to propagate the Gandhian ideals of freedom struggle.

The Unpleasant Incident:-
_____During the time of Quit India Movement this field of Eram was frequently used by the freedom fighters for public meeting and agitation against foreign rulers. On 28th September 1942 there was a huge gathering at that place. Afraid by this gathering a police force from Basudebpur police station, lead by DSP Kunjabihari Mohanty march towards Eram. As like Jaliyanawalawag here DSP Kunjabihari Mohanty acted as General Dayar and opened fire to the huge gathering at 6.30 pm, who were performing the agitation against the foreign rulers in a peaceful way. Since the field was bounded from three sides therefore no one able to get escape as of the field and within some minutes 28 persons get dead on the spot and 56 get injured, another person among the injured get dead later on. Among the dead include one woman named Pari Bewa, who is regarded as the only lady martyrs of ODISHA.
Here the situation is very much similar to that of Jaliyanawalawag and the numbers of martyrs were also just second to jaliyanawalawag. Therefore Eram which is popularly known as Rata Tirtha (The Pilgrim of Blood) after this unpleasant incident was truly designated as the Second Jaliyanawalawag of India.

The Martyrs:-
..1) Pari Bewa , Eram, Basudebpur
..2) Gopal Chandra Das , Padhnuan
..3) Biswanath Das , Padhuan
..4) Bijuli Das , Padhuan
..5) Hrushikesh Behera , Padhuan
..6) Madan Palai , Padhuan
..7) Ballahaba Behera , Padhuan
..8) Magha Mahalika , Padhuan
..9) Bhua Majhi , Padhuan
..10) Kali ajhi , Padhuan-Kumarpur
..11) Radhu ahalika , Padhuan-Muladiha
..12) Dhruba Charana Dey , Padhuan
..13) Basudeb Sahu , Padhuan
..14) Hari Behera , Padhuan
..15) Dibakar Panigrahi , Guda-Kesagadia
..16) Krushna Chandra Swain , Padhuan-Kumarpur
..17) Bhaban Rout , Padhuan-Nandapura
..18) Nidhi Mahalika , Padhuan
..19) Brundaban Panda , Padhuan
..20) Upa Mallika , Nuangan
..21) Krupasindhu Behera , Sankharu
..22) Rama Majhi , Padhuan-Kumarpur
..23) Mani Behera , Padhuan
..24) Kati Sahu , Iswarapur
..25) Ratnakar Pani , Sudarsanpur
..26) Mani Pradhana , Suan-Sudarsanpur
..27) Pari Das , Suan
..28) Sankar Mallika , Adhunan
..29) Gobinda Rout , Artungan

Ref. Sangrama Bhumi Bhadrak ( a book in Odia)

Banchanidhi Mohanty :: A Nationalist Poet of Odisha

Shri Banchanidhi Mohanty was also a nationalist poet of Odisha. He took birth in Eram near Basudebpur of Bhadrak district on 20th April 1897.Shri Banchanidhi Mohanty was popularly known in Odisha as Jatiya Kabi(The National poet).True to the Gandhian spirit he was also directly involved in the Indian Freedom Movement and took part in the Salt Agitation and was sent to jail by the Britishers. He left this mortal world on 19th April 1938 for heavenly abode.

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If you can't help what's going around then atleast help what's going on within!


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SaralaDas MahabharataRe Bhanumathy Swayambar

"The Marriage of Bhanumathy in Mahabharata of Sarala Das" Digbalaya (Odia Literary Magazine) January 2012, 50-54.

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The way I need a smart abstraction for devising a good theory that way I need a good God for smart living!

Now, with so many political parties portray India of Mahabharat age with so many kings and chieftains. They only in need of a Kurukshetra!

Let me tell you, my son and me are great fan of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose -- we'd have been different led by him - a political conjecture!

Honest, Chetan Bhagat's works do not attract me - I know his books sell well; probably for his management of literature ....

Can the definition (of literature) be different for locality to locality? Could be ... ? Shouldn't be ..... ?

Is literature all about reminiscences and love ? Rushdie (issue in JLF) in search of a definition of literature ....

Sunday is dreadful for animals in India as many go for non-veg that day ....killings and killings .... of lifeless birds ...

Something one mayn't either eager to own or disown - that happens in large part of one's life; if not then life is not complete with.

I'm not worried of cricket loss as it's of croerpati's game; there is no sports but business!

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Dei Hara Mo-GalaRe : "On garlanding Me"

Published in "Sagarika" January 2012 page 65.

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On garlanding me eevery year
Giving different shapes and colors
the way dearness allowance comes now and then
looking for government employee!
Do you really love
on garlanding?

Or is it just a means
that simple eyes don't understand,
but I do - as you singof my love
standing behind fogs of unusual days
I only hear -
hear that unsync songs and
you are caught
I see in your eyes
that scans hideously.

The show of giving is
the pride that nakedly covers up
your desires
that comes on cat-feet
to collect and collect;
others know or not
I know what you hide
behind while giving up!

But, alas!
It's late form me to know you
when the garland has trned to
a python.
I can't abandon it
nor I can bear the load of your
I count the days of perspiring
skeletons; I wait for
Maharaj Bali who can give
but not to collect and
with touch to turn
this python
to a garland
and to a real garland.

Development of a city has always a special meanings to
some for making money. The poem questions the well-
wishers on what it meant of development. Like in India
fo rany city the course of a ring road brings in oppotunity
of business for seekers. Planners land up in building
a grey city loosing out greeneries and human touch. Can
there be a day that will make a python (ring road hanging
on the neck of a city) to a garland? The poem on behalf
a city aspires for ....

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Socially responsive resource usage: a protocol

My exploration to Computational Social Science: A Research paper

Sharing of state resources like natural resources and developmental funds, needs to be inclusive as well as traceable. Further, for sustainability resource rights are to be enforced. For the purpose, a protocol for resource usages is proposed and shown that the protocol could be made adaptive to empower people by cooperation, collaboration and self help.

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Rakta Kain (First Part) "The Red Lilly"

The first part of this story is published in
Prabha SarjanaJanuary 2012 - An Odia Literary magazine
published from Bhubaneshwar

Abstract: Two friends Sourav and Alex have come to Bangalpur in connection with bio-physics research that can grow agriculture stuffs of wants at a place irrespective of its environmental conditions. Idea is globalization of agriculture so that wherever it's cheap than corporate houses can grow any stuff of global demand. The story in the second part brings in corporate farming.
In first part: Sourav has come to a village Bangalpur (my village) with his friend Alex to carry out research in a farm, belongs to Alex's father who is a multi-national industrialist in corporate farming. Sourav is a second generation of Indo-American with strong reminescences of his grand father Hrudananda who is no more. Hrudananda never chose to migrate to USA with his son Prof.Sobhan Patnaik a renowned biologist. Alex is a research scholar of Prof.Patnaik. Sourav is a particle physicist with special interest in bio-physics. Both have intiated a collaborative research and Alex's father provides financial as well as infrastructural support. Sourav's girl friend Elsa with special interst in Odishi and Indology does not approve this kind of research that is against nature.
Sourav on reaching Bangalpur feels a strange attraction to the place. And feels the nature is even sensitive of his presence and keeps entertaining. He keeps joking with Elsa telling the nature may even arrange a girl friend like Elsa. Elsa dissaproves it as if she has premonition of what supernatural force happening there and it will support her conviction on corporate farming and forcible localization of global phenomena.
The village Bangalpur is almost empty leaving few ageds for massive migration due to blatant urbanization and systematic annihilation of agriculture for blunt and erratic policies of globalization. An old man Dhusa has shown ineterst on two young guys and keeps meeting them. And when he knows of corporate farming and commercialisation of research in agriculture, feels very unease; dissuades them. Dhusa keeps telling of a person who was having a strong link with the village. Dhusa always remembers of that infront of Sourav in process of discussion. With this Sourav starts remembering his grandfather with whom he had a very pleasant childhood. Granfather used to read out stories on web-chat from Bhubaneshwar when he was alive. And Asapurna, the grandmother of Sourav had a big role in raising Sourav in USA. At the same time, she had to leave her husband at Bhubaneshwar as he never agreed to live away towards his the last part of his life. Asapurna remebers her husband and laments his obstinacy. Nupur the mother of Sourav, understands the agony of her mother-in-law and hopes somehow she can do something to get over it. In the mean time, Elsa an American has become a God-sent angel. ( More will be in next part .... )

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Two More Avataras

This year I have two more Avataras :
Odia Strory Writer
Odia magazine editor.

Wish will have enough skil
before I retire to Odisha.


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Wish You Good Times!

Dear Visitors

Thanks a lot for visiting my blogs
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Wish you will have good times in 2012
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