Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dwanda Swapna Dekhibare

"Dwanda Swapna Dekhibare" - is a poem published in magazine  Sagarika Vol.4/Issue -9/10 page 51. Sagarika is a bi-monthly magazine on Odia Literature and Culture published from Balasore. This magazine is edited by Mrs. Sairindhri Sahoo.

The poem talks of a conflict of mind for dreaming. It takes an example of a person that dreams of success in traditional sense and later questions  to self, "Is this the success?" This conflict of mind makes the person restless  to recount its long journey from genesis. The person now finds in addiction of success defined by family,self and society  in childhood - the success now hangs before itself as a question mark!

For non-Odia readers, I'm extremely sorry. Wish I can get its English version soon.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
10th October 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Odiya Essay Competition

Any student studying in High Schools in
Simulia Block, Balasore is invited to
participate .........
1st Prize Rs.3000/- 2nd Prize Rs.2000/- and the 3rd prize Rs.1000/-

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Comment on Ananya Jamaja

Published in Odia Literary megazine Sagarika July/August 2009.
It reads:

Ananya Jamaja the first Odia poetry book of
Poet Hrushikesha Mohanty brings in poetic
expressions on reminescences, death, sensitivity:
a philosophy of life .........

Saturday, October 3, 2009


A meditation of difference
That was an awakening of difference
Not only for self elevation
But for others -
To sing together the song of Creation.

Heart did not flutter
Not there was gruel to win
Zealousy didn't prevail
But the search was for only Truth
To accommodate, to understand
To share the pain of sufferers
- He the king Bhagirath.

Engrossed in deep meditation
To awaken
Not like Dharmaraj Yudhisthir
Forgetting all for the self.
Bhagirath rose up and up
But to descend
with The Ganges
To sing with the song of Creation.
The Awakening and the mediation
Not only for the ascend
But for the joy to descend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hunger Lurking Around

Let me tell you without a trace of inhibition, since an year I have
stopped reading newspaper with that interest I used to have earlier.
Somewhat, I'm scared of reports of so many miseries appear daily in newspapers
and at the same time so many reckless decisions, that matters to all of us.

Anyway, today that is 1st October '09 an article in central page of The Hindu
drew my attention: '25 millions kids will go hungry by 2050' I'm sure I'll
not be here on earth to worry about. But, it could be any of four grand
children. That put me off.

Since Dasara, I see a what breaking sight - bulldozers pouncing
on a green paddy field uprooting them possibly for a mutli-storied building.
Perfect, religious decision the developer has taken to start the project on
Dasara Day - being religious without spirituality. What a tribute to the auspicious

Every morning, I pass by that stretch of land on the way to
Lingampally a whip of air with all freshness of a green paddy
field makes me nostalgic.But, now it will not be the same anymore.
No more that green patch will smile at the passers-by every morning.
Grey will pervade- they say in style 'redefining the sky-scape!'

But I wonder, how the farmer and the real state developer could become
so cold blooded, heartless to let the bulldozers maul over the standing
paddy crop! Could they become so insensitive. No wonder,
the hunger is lurking toredefine our future!

Security Extra-Dimension

Most of us, have never felt this much security concerned as we feel now. Insecurity has become the song of life. Whether, one likes or not either he sings or listens to this unwanted songs everyday. This fear of insecurity invades every aspects of life. Let me narrow down this security aspect to protecting belongings from petty thieves. These thieves always look for locked houses and they are very sure of getting in festive days and marriage seasons. Obviously, for a day or two absence, house owners choose to luxury of not worrying of belongings . Let me tell the truth, I always prefer not to have this luxury even if I go for few hours to Lingampally or Chandanagar for shopping – actually accompanying while somebody else, for the most of the time, well let me not play with words 'always' with wife though I hate to drive through nasty traffics – now you must have guessed why do I accompany – just because I can't afford to appoint a driver! Anyway, let me come back to track of security .... Honestly, this trait of being vigilant on security is long cultured and acquired since my early days of traveling in India Railways when I chose wrongly or rightly to work at Hyderabad. All during the journey, even now it's there, I was extra care with long steel chain to securely tie my not so cheap plastic bag to the great Indian railway Compartment with a feeling of great security thinking pretty lifters certainly can't take the daAba (compartment) away! And more I used to sleep putting the shoes quite secured place may be very close to chest!

Looks this syndrome of insecurity follows me. The place I leave Doyens Township of-late has become very known for such house burglary of-course for locked houses. That way, these thieves are quite reasonably honest. They respect security concerned people like me. But, Doyens Housing society and like that many Housing societies in Hyderabad have become very conscious of security. Of-course, Hyderabad has always been a flash point for security. Infact Hyderabad has been always leading in all aspects – that's we see. The extra-dimension I would like you to visualise. These security guards usually old sometimes 60+ age. It will be easy to find them whistling to be noticed only. And to be in good book of society dwellers they follow the age old thumbs rule – to be concerned to only who is influential. For a silent dweller like they really don't care. Interestingly, I found when I pass through the gate on my car, I get a salute. Then, I realize how these influentials relish these self-ego boosters! But, when I walk through the gate the security there did not even bother to look up abandoning his lazy sitting posture – ofcourse sometimes a bidi (country cigarette) on leaps. Many offices, you may not find such old security guards but equally lazy guys. Young guys keep dozing sitting on a bench. Harldy, they are in alert position to respond to a sudden security violation or eruption.

Not only me you will also agree for sure of the distaste to looking at a lazy security in morning in workplace. I remember of my one visit – the first visit to University of Aizu, Japan. Every morning, when I used to pass through the main gate the University security guard at the main gate used to bow down and very politely welcoming each coming in. As a visitor, most of the time I was on foot. But, he was not having any such discrimination!