Monday, February 21, 2011

ICDCIT - 2011 at KIIT Bhubaneshwar

Myself with Prof. R.K.Shyamasundar, TIFR Mumbai
at ICDCIT 2011

ICDCIT 2011 at KIIT Bhubaneshwar

With Dr.Achyuta Samanta Founder of KIIT University
Prof.Raja, TIFR Mumbai the Program co-Chair and Invited Speakers of ICDCIT (International Conference on distributed Computing and Internet Technology 9-12 2011.

New Odia Good Books in 2011

If you are in Odisha, I will recommend you to have thse good Odia books
released this year

1. (Novel) Garba Karibara Katha by Hrushikesha Panda and
2. (Essay) Odia Jatira Jibana katha by Hara Prasad Das
3. (Novel) Magna Mati by Pratibha Ray
4. (Short Story) Mugdha Nadi by Supriya Panda


Aprahna Cover Page

I'm glad to post the cover page of my third collection of poems called 'Aprahna'. If everything goes fine, the book should come out of press by the end of March 2011. I have requested some established renowned Odia poets to comment on the poems; during my recent visit to Odisha in this month I have given them the ready-to-print draft. Wish me GOOD LUCK please!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beeper is Nupur Now

We had a cute black cow with thick coat and heavy neck to tie a jingling bell with much love that brought so much fun and fond for me at dawn and dusk in my childhood days in village of rural Odisha of those days.

Later, we put nupur (paunji) on my little daughter's feet to see the glory of her ankle and for jingling around our house, though later being grown up she found it not very trendy.

I'm bit old fashioned always as my wife puts cut remarks on me; to my understanding or misunderstandings it is true I'm not trendy. I always liked nupur around ankle still hope my grand-daughter will put, still better if my daughter-in-law will decide to wear it around her ankle.

But, to my surprise, US diplomat at Hyderabad commented 'radio beeper' is a trendy anklet for Indian students. These students are duped by a fraudulent US university engaged in money laundering. US believes these students have gone to that University primarily for visa, to get into USA - the dream land still lower middle class Indians aspire; and so why the diplomat issued such a nasty comment.

It's a national shame to know Indian students are being treated like animals and their movement are monitored by beepers, US authority has tied radio-tags on their legs. Indian Govt. has raised a protest. US didn't budge at it, obviously; as it's US.

The point is why at all, our students decide to go to US enmasse. I understand the point of some bright students going to join a good school for learning. But, what is the point of paying and joining to such a trivial University! Is it the craze of parents or students or of time? God knows. But true, Beeper is Nupur now!

I wish them honourable homecoming.

Hrushsikesha Mohanty
2nd Feb. 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Even a Whisper Was Enough

Time was such in Tretaya, even a whisper was enough. Could it be unjustified. Still, the King Ram took it serious as he felt his subject had a cause to suspect his conduct - well it's not he, of his wife. The comment was on Sita, that night the woman cited when her husband had an aspersion on her character for her absence at home. She claimed how King Ram didn't have such doubt on Sita though she lived almost an year at Ravana's place. King Ram heard it during his night walk in disguise. He used to have such walk to comprehend reality of life among his subjects. He was shocked at this allegation and decided to abandon Sita. He didn't decide to put a committee for buying time for a report on the allegation the woman was making on Sita. Ha! it was not an elected government and Ram was not a PM. But, now many may question on the decision King Ram made.
But, the story has a spirit. The spirit of undoubted integrity, that King Ram wanted to have among his people. Now, my dear guests you can guess where we are now in comparison to Tretaya Yuga of King Ram when even a whisper was enough. We have traveled a long distance in time line from Tretaya to today when even charge-sheet does not matter specially for those who are cut to be role-model.

Thanks for your time; looking forward to your comment
1st February 2011