Wednesday, November 30, 2016


MoKatha today takes up a noble practice humankind follows that is remembering ancestors. Different people observe it in different ways. It is an integral part of its culture for the practice links past generation to future and proves time flows through generations and so the humankind gets the solace of continuity that each hopes for the world and for the days to come. The practice that culminates at Ashi Ghat in Varanashi is a moment that destiny scripts and the script keeps flowing on ever flowing stream of pious Ganga that keeps assuring the beauty of life that past bestows upon to the present and the future on grateful remembrance of ancestors that has made inheritance today blissful.
Alas at times this practice gets entangles in itself disguise making the flow polluted for everybody's alarm. Now the time has come to make Ganga clean for it required than the rituals need modification without a loss of inheritance ....
Today's column (30th Nov. 2016) on Nirvaya takes up the issue for your judgement and observations !

Thursday, November 24, 2016

||| Banarasi Gyan |||

Banaras a city of myth as well as a reality. The reality reflects of today's world. Where myth connects today to yesterday as well as future. So, why Banaras attracts all from India and abroad. This article explores the wisdom the city has inspite of its chaotic presence.  That is indeed Banarasi GyaN ! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nagari Varanashi

An account of my Banarasha (Varanashi) visit as I saw it in my brief visit. A lot is there to see the city that looks enchanting as well as mysterious. Jai Banarasha !!!
Published on 16th Nov. 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Naribad NariDharmi

Feminism in India ... must get steered following 'NariDharma' that is true to our soil. How this got obliterated God knows but it wasn't so since Vaidic age. We have glorious ladies who have laid foundation of Indian Nari-Dharma, are inspiring to generations. Kids in school curriculum must read about such inspiring ladies so that later in their lives a positive perception on feminism takes a shape. 
Today "Naribad NariDharmi" takes up the issue on Nirvay newspaper in its Wednesday Page-8 my weekly MoKatha column.  Published on 26th october 16

||| Girls Glory for All |||

JhiaKulaKu Jita the Odia Column today on MoKatha Series at Nirvay newspaper .. Watch my column every Wednesday Page 8 : Comment and Add more to it ! Click on image for better view.
----------- This column explores the changing perception of Indian society on girl child for the call "Save Girl Child" - girls saved by earning medals in the last Olympics :

||| Naribada ra Paribhasha Khoja |||

Defining Feminism ....

Could be true with the liberty ladies had in Vaidic age, still ladies in our land have assumed a secluded living with social disadvantages with utter silent disgust. The liberation as feminism today reveals is radical, and so brings in conflict in Indian society considering every society has a basic norm that is honoured though a dynamic society adopts self-correction that is gradual. Radical feminism that primarily visible with affluent group in India damps the movement instead of energising it. It's time to define feminism in our context and invigorate the movement in positive direction. Today MoKatha column on "Naribada ra Paribhasha Khoja" on Nirvaya news paper takes up the issue ... More to say , Please say it here !