Wednesday, November 30, 2016


MoKatha today takes up a noble practice humankind follows that is remembering ancestors. Different people observe it in different ways. It is an integral part of its culture for the practice links past generation to future and proves time flows through generations and so the humankind gets the solace of continuity that each hopes for the world and for the days to come. The practice that culminates at Ashi Ghat in Varanashi is a moment that destiny scripts and the script keeps flowing on ever flowing stream of pious Ganga that keeps assuring the beauty of life that past bestows upon to the present and the future on grateful remembrance of ancestors that has made inheritance today blissful.
Alas at times this practice gets entangles in itself disguise making the flow polluted for everybody's alarm. Now the time has come to make Ganga clean for it required than the rituals need modification without a loss of inheritance ....
Today's column (30th Nov. 2016) on Nirvaya takes up the issue for your judgement and observations !

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