Thursday, May 4, 2017


English translation is not the total but makes a sense of the column ...
 [  Appeared on 5th April 2017 ]
The earliest kingdom in India of Maurya Chandragupta  dating back almost 2000 years (approx) was the largest empire in Bharat Varsha spreading almost upto mid-Asia. Still, the time does not make a mention of Manipur though lately Himalaya comes live with Adi Shankaracharya having his last abode at Kedarnath. However though not History but mythology in Mahabharata links to Manipur that has name different names in its timeline.
Manipur with its earlier name Mekhala coes to live with a set of its inhabitants called Meitei who started living in Imphal valley that was before submerged. As the valley went dry, people from uplands came down to settle with cultivation as major occupation. That brought in a different style life style than that of upland people. Though, it's a fact till now  conflict between people two lifestyle now even flares up still all agree they are the twins got separated in timeline. The clans mainly people seven clans of valley as well as hills keep their embryocal cords intact being from the same mother that is the same soil. 
Meitei how the name came though still remains mystery still it identifies an important set of people in Manipur who have made immense contribution to all most all the facets of Manipur. It was in the past and now it's also in the present. Though now the hill community is making a mark in Manipur life still the state unhesitatingly admits the contribution of Meitei community to Manipur.