Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Complaining of irrelevances particularly of governance is the road leading to progressive society that some say when people find difficulty in explaining on. Republic day speech falls short or a demonstration of a chief minister goes overshot is the same, some say blaming the time that is easy to standby, in the course of arguments or say rationalisation. Some even tend to find or refute equivalence between 1984 and 2002 at their convenience. Sickles, hammers and stars fail to move time wheel backward though they never concede, mostly the deshi ones.   Listeners and bystanders all get or remain confused blaming the same that's the time. 

Looks, it depends at what time an individual stands and views around.   If one's time is scheduled to live among pygmies then time is scripting problems because pygmies are pygmies for solutions. If you want, can send the story  back to script writer for change. But, again the change is in the hand of pygmies. Choice could be, write the script yourself!   Some may call you 'krantikari' and some may call it 'ahitakari' ! But, you have no choice of choosing a time for self. If you want to live then learn to live among pygmies or choose self to be your own script writer!


One good wish I have, to have grandchildren around ! Seems that's far. So YOUR HONOUR .... !


Look, that sweeps across Asia threatening the empires ! Hope telling them a bunch of hooligans is not a naive remark. Is there anything we are missing the contemporary world is signalling us so strong ?

A Job for Post Retirement Life


(this place is one of my chosen places for retirement and settling with lovable literature. For sustenance can run a little shop like this. This is @Cherapunji, Meghalaya, India )

 Photo: !!! FOUND A PLACE FOR FOND !!!

(this place is one of my  chosen places  for retirement and settling with lovable literature. For sustenance can run a little shop like this. This is @Cherapunji, Meghalaya, India )

Friday, January 24, 2014


Always, wondering on a phrase what is it mean to say 'barking' which many relate to street dogs get engaged in their pass time. A dog in blistering hot summer night gets a melancholy tone that tears up liquid darkness of night as it has already started melting after all promises the day has made to the earth are missed badly. Being stung with poverty the one who sleeps making windows open hear the noise of a helpless dog whose territory of interest is being usurped for its cowardice performance that has already been made his sky blood-red for waiting.

Such a dog always chooses to make noise, noise of repeating disgust to people with windows open for they have come to know it's no music from a running away dog that always stands beyond boundary to make noise incessantly that even without its knowledge , infact it speaks of its hollow; the effectless words being spoken effortlessly is actually barking that's I realise.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Catch hold of a software professional to find them worry always about references, addresses as they are much worried about dangling things except noodles that have though smeared identities making all same to Chinese model that though deshis (Indians) make an eatable choice for match making like any other practicality resort to identity search brushing aside propaganda of  globalisation as if lately they find all noodles are not Indian intestine or until a baba told so on flat screen swinging two legs up and up for minutes after minutes till you say posturing is perfect with identity if not a global one but let it be subaltern one among the choices, made or offered, among religion, caste, state, region, color, ethnicity etc.
Subaltern identity is in my weaponry and I'm the archer to shoot at you because you have identified me that way for your benefit, and now it's my turn to harvest it !

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


If effects are there for something there has to have a side effect for simple reasons as happenings around every entity loves  things around else it finds void   as surrounding boundary wall carves out a space for a plot otherwise one is left for anarchy of happenings around; so why we don't bother for side effects instead worry of main,  as we know of gulping a headache tablet will take way pain that's main and can buy time to deal with side effects as such effects can be served at the side of main course, sometimes of so much callousness that floppy papad often fly off even with a swing of smelly 'gammuchha' of a dhaba boy who has been there for sake of his existence that is main, not worrying of side effects as a quality manager and a program test manager  brood over correctness forgetting God self has chosen to wrong wiring here and there for loving dances due to side effects.

Still, forgetting such God loving dances  choose to visit movie "Shaadi Ke Side Effects" for sake of self  and the well known puzzle 'do I make any effect?'.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Games after games .. guli-danda to game-box all these are games of choice, of their own times, so they say - I'm time speaking through the ages, through the Mahabharats after Mahabharats, the cycle of apple-eating games come and go so that at any instant one feels the game of the instant is new, newer than before and again turns head for the next tick of time in a town. in a village for every wants to play a new game for to smart with time else there is a hideous feeling to parish for incompatibility as adaptability is so vital for sustenance that people change, they change for a new game and they are  new  players, if  you say them anarchist then they say you archaic !



When I listen to you all with folded hands you maneuver me so badly that  in every five years at least once I break my leg or hand for not I want that but to see you get what you want for because we have a feeling right or wrong, that your victory is our structure under which we can rest for ever though our ever-period is never ours from the day we have shun carrying firewood on head at the dusk of the day but have resorted to pledged gas cylinders to gas our hope and future. After all for that your experts say me archaic inflexible chauvinistic with all rigidity not willing to change, as I live on freebies for a five-year purpose.

I knew, you never change at inner for from the beginning you have yours on both sides of the road you  have laid for you and asking your likings and dislikings to start tea-stalls at cross-roads for better phase transition though of-late you have resorted to foreign brands still you know the tea-days are not yet gone from game of people-of-mine !

But, I'm to change my unbearable pressure-cooker life that is reaching its break-point for ever increasing entropy - Anarchists  roaming around for the loss of Lakhman Rekha some where long before !


Life is always something like that for not believing things except one's hands, head; starting at ground zero by the name of 'ekla chalo' forgetting one is a dot in long journey of humanity and there are a lot by inheritance for coming to rescue; but irony for some get bountiful from inheritance and stand at the top of the queue to speak on the need of searching talent at ground zero so much so that  generated emotions turn deceptive to an extent to onlookers for it's a scene of crocodile tears that tends to flow as soon as arch light, get switched on for the bytes hungry channels that are badly in need of visuals.

The point of interest to the people of destiny for their folly in waiting for freebies and visuals even if it's getting badly too late for them now then before!



Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hunt for talent has been a noble cause for us, for a country of billion that has probably suddenly realised too many talents are under vicious covers that need to be revealed almost every five years at least once to see all exist or recreated so much so that TV channels can be engaged in talent hunts as they feel or project themselves as doers of all good for our country, for our entertainment as many including foreign diplomat wives atleast feel we Indians so skinny for any good happening on this earth where money stands for entertainment either in 'nach baliey' or 'India got talent' or 'Dance India dance'. 
These hunts include so much indulgence that kids at age three are lifted to coaching centres like 'Bivas Academy' in West Bengal and trained  for excellence  in dancing, as at other end  coaching centres in Andhra Pradesh pen kids horoscope in full cooperation with parents assuring a seat in IIT though recently it's found no IIT has any global standing in academics but in exporting (sorry, motivating) disgruntled kids out, means out of the country. Still then a billion waits to be discovered at early, could be too early no matter but search is on, never mind it finds or not, even finds turns to it a 'budhia' (runnign kid of Bhubaneshwar) for no good of hunts. True - catch them young but how young ?  

Friday, January 17, 2014


Incongruent  partnership is always interesting not only to partners but also to onlookers around for the scenario is as melodious as picturesque for many on this main-land where incongruity is explored either by hideous checking at purse and cupboards or hacking twitter or face-book accounts and readily passing it out to 24x7 channels so that soon in different channels readily-available commentators and self-declared media whizz gang-lords pour into tubes and float on waves to talk on incongruency   so much so that those two target partners sit on to decide to soon reach at one of the two extreme ends : together ever or that never.
Such an incongruency though one may tend to find between real-estate business and so in education-sector though for the later everybody talks of services of which service is not for daridra-narayans (poors)  but for who can pay and get education. So, for no harm the person I met on the last Sunday, an young management graduate left corporate managerial cushy job to take up incongruent jobs for he knows now incompatibility is the strength in the name of inclusiveness.
I could see SO near , privatisation of sick Univ.s around India and hovering hawkish eyes of real-estate developers on campuses. Realised today there is nothing called PROFESSIONALLY INCONGRUENT; a student of Physics major can pick up a course on 'curry making' after all who doesn't want a life with spicy curry ?

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Last Friday I was listening to a prof from University of Cambridge, speaking on drug discovery that almost amounts to finding a needle in a hay stack for selecting a molecule that can plug a gap in protein structure for some malfunctioning of a bio system when God has taken self to a wrong side for no such valid reason after may be of a foolish or smart decision he took on making human; probably he that time didn't know people would make such a nuisance to themselves so badly that there would be a very bad need of molecules to plug holes in biological space getting hits for smokes belching out in each moment when even a toddler would choose to drive instead of walking.
According to the professor, a molecule getting into a labeled glass bottle for a prescription costs almost 2 billion dollars; good God then who can buy such molecules from my country unless otherwise there is somebody who could say all aam admis to get such 2-billion dollar molecules free like any khas admi gets direct or indirect ways. Being not sure of such freebies, can I resort to yogic postures to prevent  all gaps to sip into my body, God forbid there is power always for the display of postures ! Drug miners would say all these trash, ofcourse that's not for a billion dollar game!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


1. Venom Splitting 
    http://www.samachar.com/Devyani-Khobragade-row-Expelled-US-diplomat-wife-spit-venom- obpmMVcdaij.html?source=recommended_news

3. Subaltern Identity
    State bifurcation

4. Corporate agriculture

5. Making of nature

6. Red going Red
    Chinese cultural revolution extrimism

* Mani .. when word looses its lusture : lacklustre words 


Gone days are not to return for good of nature it's not natural now for a person in city to call a neighbour with lazy, familiar tone as two villagers still now stand at both sides of a fence guarding a garden and keep talking of everything happening under others' roofs and at similar vain two ladies at bath-ghat keep chatting on whispers that pierce through all the walls of a village in each night. 
Still, of not wishing a neighbour  'good day' smacks primary education and social ground at the back for  city dwellers , so each tells 'good day' to a neighbour even when he/she is standing but resting on a iron gate for peace after an inner wall fight resulting hot airs spewing through nostrils. So, are the heads wish 'have a nice second term' to a neigbourly PM who's still waiting at the trauma of winning for one does not know what really happens at space around inner walls ! 
True ! neighbourly wish  alike to FB-likes  - all aware but repeat  neighbourly void wish !

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


NGOs and Social Activists, the harbingers of a new era, the era world financial institutes prescribed us, for we Indians when caught utmost helpless in cobweb of governance so much so that the dark corners of old structure were spewing smokes darkening the future,  they, the harbingers were the hopes and we Indians looked them as apostles of all  goodness what social leaders ought to be, for they denied  the comforts and more they defied the structures of governance. 

Gone with the wind  now they, one by one gravitate to structures. The realization, albeit late, is 'structure you need' ! 

Monday, January 13, 2014


(Bidushi ! from my daughter's drawing board)

So, we banished you !

Sorry! We could not bring out morchaa for you.  Neither we could picket what we usually do for fall of a hat. But, hat should be  of a capitalist uncle. Not, that we didn't for heck of it. We always do with a reason. And we may not need such reason for our brothers and sisters. You are a labourer, we want you; we want more and more to fall behind, tied down and in clutch of poverty so that they would follow us on a long profile and on the top of that line we glitter as a saviour of downtrodden. For you we could have done so. But we couldn't for your folly. You have been touched by Capitalist Uncle, the Ravana for us. Ravana touched Sita, so she was banished. The simile works perfectly here for you. So, we banished you.  

You may be thinking strange. Yes, it's for us.  Had Marx been alive he would have reviewed his theory. But, believe us we are we are hard wired Marxist. We can't change because we are just followers albeit tried but failed to for we are just follower unlike Marx, a thinker.


Every body, billion plus went awfully concerned to get back the diplomat. It was a diplomacy indeed to the best. I'm just a house maid to keep your house tidy, take care of your kids and more clean your left outs. What stature I have to make hue and cry ? Not a single soul of a billion plus could tell for me; except a few like me came out to a street in Delhi to which hardly any camera aimed at. That's the fate of we house maids , that's the quality of life we have, no wonder why nobody shed few drops for me; but we wait for the day when life wins not positions.


(a ritual in AP with traditional attire and mahuri melody 
I took this pic today, they visited us. )

Thursday, January 9, 2014

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