Monday, January 13, 2014

So, we banished you !

Sorry! We could not bring out morchaa for you.  Neither we could picket what we usually do for fall of a hat. But, hat should be  of a capitalist uncle. Not, that we didn't for heck of it. We always do with a reason. And we may not need such reason for our brothers and sisters. You are a labourer, we want you; we want more and more to fall behind, tied down and in clutch of poverty so that they would follow us on a long profile and on the top of that line we glitter as a saviour of downtrodden. For you we could have done so. But we couldn't for your folly. You have been touched by Capitalist Uncle, the Ravana for us. Ravana touched Sita, so she was banished. The simile works perfectly here for you. So, we banished you.  

You may be thinking strange. Yes, it's for us.  Had Marx been alive he would have reviewed his theory. But, believe us we are we are hard wired Marxist. We can't change because we are just followers albeit tried but failed to for we are just follower unlike Marx, a thinker.

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