Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Complaining of irrelevances particularly of governance is the road leading to progressive society that some say when people find difficulty in explaining on. Republic day speech falls short or a demonstration of a chief minister goes overshot is the same, some say blaming the time that is easy to standby, in the course of arguments or say rationalisation. Some even tend to find or refute equivalence between 1984 and 2002 at their convenience. Sickles, hammers and stars fail to move time wheel backward though they never concede, mostly the deshi ones.   Listeners and bystanders all get or remain confused blaming the same that's the time. 

Looks, it depends at what time an individual stands and views around.   If one's time is scheduled to live among pygmies then time is scripting problems because pygmies are pygmies for solutions. If you want, can send the story  back to script writer for change. But, again the change is in the hand of pygmies. Choice could be, write the script yourself!   Some may call you 'krantikari' and some may call it 'ahitakari' ! But, you have no choice of choosing a time for self. If you want to live then learn to live among pygmies or choose self to be your own script writer!

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