Monday, January 20, 2014


When I listen to you all with folded hands you maneuver me so badly that  in every five years at least once I break my leg or hand for not I want that but to see you get what you want for because we have a feeling right or wrong, that your victory is our structure under which we can rest for ever though our ever-period is never ours from the day we have shun carrying firewood on head at the dusk of the day but have resorted to pledged gas cylinders to gas our hope and future. After all for that your experts say me archaic inflexible chauvinistic with all rigidity not willing to change, as I live on freebies for a five-year purpose.

I knew, you never change at inner for from the beginning you have yours on both sides of the road you  have laid for you and asking your likings and dislikings to start tea-stalls at cross-roads for better phase transition though of-late you have resorted to foreign brands still you know the tea-days are not yet gone from game of people-of-mine !

But, I'm to change my unbearable pressure-cooker life that is reaching its break-point for ever increasing entropy - Anarchists  roaming around for the loss of Lakhman Rekha some where long before !


Anonymous said...

Sir chamatkar heichhi..luchhichhi na goda di ta disuchhi.. world education system upare gote lakhntu.

Anonymous said...

Felt like a poem. Well said sir