Friday, January 24, 2014


Always, wondering on a phrase what is it mean to say 'barking' which many relate to street dogs get engaged in their pass time. A dog in blistering hot summer night gets a melancholy tone that tears up liquid darkness of night as it has already started melting after all promises the day has made to the earth are missed badly. Being stung with poverty the one who sleeps making windows open hear the noise of a helpless dog whose territory of interest is being usurped for its cowardice performance that has already been made his sky blood-red for waiting.

Such a dog always chooses to make noise, noise of repeating disgust to people with windows open for they have come to know it's no music from a running away dog that always stands beyond boundary to make noise incessantly that even without its knowledge , infact it speaks of its hollow; the effectless words being spoken effortlessly is actually barking that's I realise.

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