Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The river that once was flowing full chest is now shrunk. That river is Salandi I know since my childhood. On the way of visiting maternal parent I saw Salandi with it serene as well as fury. The same Salandi bad is shrunk to a stream of back waters. The greenery on its bank has become history. Now one finds chimneys spewing black smoke while baking bricks for the make of concrete jungle. Its sands are being rubbed. Salandi is arrested by dam and the fall in rain falls has added to its woos. Dry river bad is being encroached by land mafia ... The river is almost dead ! The story repeats in India for many rivers. Rejuvenation of rivers and water bodies is the call of the hour !

The theme is addressed on my MoKatha column on 26th July '17 Nirvay News paper !
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

||| Video Yudhha |||

This column published on Nirvaya newspaper on 12th July '17 talks of videos on surgical strike our Army carried out at POK border !

Video war is fought by warriors of words only ! And war of words, hey say much powerful, in this case damaged immensely insinuating our defence forces . That a citizen never ever wishes to do. Unfortunately we did. Some questioned army to prove the surgical strike putting war video in public. Then opponent came out with a manufactured video countering the claim our defence forces made. The war-word lords remain engaged in public insinuation.  Ultimately heroes on toes risking their lives leaving near and dears are questioned to prove. What an unfortunate scene we had to watch ! It is now a natinal risk !

The soldiers of this holy land historically are revered for their readiness for ultimate sacrifice  ! We have proved our undeserved countrymen questioning the them ! 

The column takes on this with passionate appeal to refrain from this unmaking and graduate self in the spirit of motherland's honour and pride ! Jai Hind !!!

Friday, July 7, 2017


21t June on Nirvaya on MoKatha Column is about Social Networking and its protocol on usage- this brief is for non-Odia friends with interest on MoKatha !

Not very long back, in rural society information dissemination was either from village joints under big banyan trees where men gather or on the steps to ponds where women assemble.

Kings sent announcers to villages along with drummers to spread message while the drum beatings were increase the heart beats of subjects.

Epic ages also have messengers like Hanuman who took the mighty to fires on being insulted thus from those days announcing the respect of messengers needed to have. Now even diplomatic protocol follows the same rule.

Now the message carrier has changed to Internet , the modern Hanuman carrying huge digital loads of Tera bytes across space, ocean and over continent in almost no time. Society is being built over Internet being called Social Networking, cyber society. Where there is along with sociability also bring hates of nearness. The hate when spread in light speed it engulfs the Globe instantly thus bringing in potential danger threatening  the society. In the name of Right-to-Speak once one speaks irresponsibly loosing sensibility the digital society will turn to 'Bhasmashura' bringing annihilation around in real world. This calls for utter restraint in using Social Networking. 

The column takes up the issue and proposes to teach kids on etiquette in Social Networking   !!!

The essence is here for non-Odia reading friends !

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the Columnist

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Gorakshak (Cow-Saver ) issue has become a matter of debate creating difference between communities. Respecting cows as mother in our country is an age old belief. Lord Krishna among the midst of cows is a picture that comes in mind as one closes its eyes in tranquility. Cow-katha dominates our literature. It's show for Bharat for its agrarian life style particularly in Ganges valley so, it is cow-belt. Putting one against other between communities in the name of Cow is the master trick British played of which we remain hunted till now. One agrees or not a large population of Bharat still believe Cow-Mata inspite of automation in farming taking strong root in modern Bharat. It'll also remain so whatever length one goes in changing in the course of time . Smuggling of cows to slaughter houses is the last deed one can tolerate while the basic tenant of belief remains with Cow as Cow-Mata. While the administration fails people take up. But, when administration takes up the profiteers get a jolt and hideously hit with defeating design. Gorakshaks could be nourishing  such a design may at the behest of  somebody who cherishes the failure of the rival. So, the need of the hour is to punish those who take laws into hands in the name Mother-Cow !
This contentious issue this column takes up in today's MoKatha column published in Nirvay Newspaper today ! Remarks, criticisms are, ofcourse invited from dear readers (sorry for friends who don't know Odia, but the essence I have put  in English here)