Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Gorakshak (Cow-Saver ) issue has become a matter of debate creating difference between communities. Respecting cows as mother in our country is an age old belief. Lord Krishna among the midst of cows is a picture that comes in mind as one closes its eyes in tranquility. Cow-katha dominates our literature. It's show for Bharat for its agrarian life style particularly in Ganges valley so, it is cow-belt. Putting one against other between communities in the name of Cow is the master trick British played of which we remain hunted till now. One agrees or not a large population of Bharat still believe Cow-Mata inspite of automation in farming taking strong root in modern Bharat. It'll also remain so whatever length one goes in changing in the course of time . Smuggling of cows to slaughter houses is the last deed one can tolerate while the basic tenant of belief remains with Cow as Cow-Mata. While the administration fails people take up. But, when administration takes up the profiteers get a jolt and hideously hit with defeating design. Gorakshaks could be nourishing  such a design may at the behest of  somebody who cherishes the failure of the rival. So, the need of the hour is to punish those who take laws into hands in the name Mother-Cow !
This contentious issue this column takes up in today's MoKatha column published in Nirvay Newspaper today ! Remarks, criticisms are, ofcourse invited from dear readers (sorry for friends who don't know Odia, but the essence I have put  in English here)


Anonymous said...

Sir, so called thakanku danda darkar. Go mata amara pujya.

Anonymous said...

Samayopajogi ati Sundar lekha