Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PujyaPuja - A One-Way Affair

25th August 2010

We are known for this - PujyaPuja done from the ages in India, for often we see in Mahabharata an emperor coming halfway leaving the throne to receive or to see-off a Rishi. Some of such few rituals we continue by heart or habit, often being the later true.

Every year before the day; an aspirant looks for the List hot, fresh fried! This is usually followed by the stories of inclusions for the shame of a genuine. For a looser, there is hope - 'dear you lost, never mind to lobby for the next.' OopS, is that the truth?

Britishers used this tool to pamper some desis conferring titles like RayBahadur etc. In colonial days these titles had a glamour. I don't know whether British Raj was feeling proud of it. But, it was sure for the other - a one-way affair!

Very professionally done now. Award a celebrity - media is catchy and dress it up in prints and videos; need more of it? Than make it laden with ridiculous masala. Media goes agog 'ra ... ra'; as if wanted others to hear this, 'sare gama pa!'

Now this tradition is rampant for being too much concerned of PujyaPuja or publicity? An honest question in dead silence certainly would whisper and often question- what for are all these hungamas!

Is it sure? , Not, still a One-Way Affair!

Hrushikesha Mohanty

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Brook

All that I accrued
All I got handful
Have gone with the wind
With the flow of time
When I was running along
Thinking to sing a song
One day ... One day!

Looked for the song while running along
Murmurs of the brook
Hustles of leaves
Whispers of flowers.
But couldn't hear, couldn't hear!

Got all that showered on me
With bag full I walked through
To find it empty
And to find self sticky.

The brook is flowing into haze
Butter-fly flutters in.
Scare me ! Who's there in mist?
Don't you see my loosened fist!

Am I in trance? The brook ends.
The halo I kiss
Sends tremor across
Waking me up
filling up my fists and bags
Giving a song on my lips.
The mist is gone, the mist is gone.
Am I in trance? The brook has flown!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
20th August 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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This poem Sangam (The Union) is published
Bishuba Sanlhya of Katha Katha Kabita Kabita.
Comments from Odia readers are eagerly solicited.
With thanks and regards

OdiA BhaSakU SaNkaT

This essay is on danger Odia language facing in contemporary society.
It's published in Sagarika July 2010 issue.
Your (odia readers)opinion is eagerly solicited.