Friday, March 11, 2011

Walking Straight

Very few can do that - walking straight. Rather
now, the walking other way is a practice.
Even, a kid now can't walk straight for the
unreasonable load of schoolbag. So, also elders have
load of their creations. Carrying a load, particularly
for the self created one, it's always difficult to
walk straight. So, it's today!

Mr.Gandhi could take on the crowd walking straight
into frenzy mass at Noakhali. The time has changed
now. One needs a heavy police bandobast to do so.
Now, even present creed will not dare looking at the
fiasco, the police faced in AP, to foil the MM.

Our country loves mass, the hallagolla of it
be it festivals, political or cricket gatherings.
Controlling mass is a vital subject of study.
Walking straight is a proven noble technique the father
of the nation has shown. Can present genre follow it?
Walking straight into the hot spot needs courage and
leadership; not that stems from Delhi!

Hrushieksha Mohanty

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Concerned at 80

Shri Karan Singh on turning to 80 years old speaks out the following --
'India has so much to offer to the world and yet I feel a sense of frustration among our young people,' Karan Singh told a select gathering at the Teen Murti Bhavan.


I'm amazed to know, he realizes it now. Isn't clearly visible? Where will today's youths look forward for role model? (there are nobody except cricket and bollywood heroes). Infact, today's youth mostly look forward to these two as else only vacuum persists. Citizens have raised their hands up in despair!

Ha! Will ruling class emulate Vivekanandaji to give a clarion call to youths? It's a matter of laugh ......... I remember a very famous Odia poem in this context:

dehe mandakini raja lagai
Gram sukariki hoiba gai;
JagaTe keBala Jane HasiBe
EHi TaHuM Phala.

It says, on putting a coat of the mud of Ganga river, a pig can't change to a cow!
Only it will make it a laughing stock!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

To Commentators and Tormentors

Dedicated to
all the whispers behind me!

There have been some people who showered kind words on my
initiation of journey to literature. It's natural in this
world to have some who are acidic; they are my commentators
and tormentors!

The comments are acidic and pungent. Some question my
rationality, some criticize saying me busy in poem-
engineering / poem-programming. Some even openly undervalue
my works saying - 'yes, your book is lying somewhere. I'm very

I gave my books initially to some for assessment, hoping that
will give me strength and self-confidence. (Ofcourse, some
were kind to say good words, to encourage). But some were pungent.
Hearing them initially was risky. To my good luck, I got good
reviews from eminent litterateurs. And now,really I'm not
at risk of any acidic commentators.

Tormentors say I don't do Computer Science any more; left
software engineering for poem-engineering. Ha! Ha! they are
unaware, poem can not be engineered. Creativity is not like
writing a patchy research paper. In a research paper you claim -
'I have done this that, better than all'
but creativity doesn't claim, 'I' doesn't exist in it;
only beauty of creation prevails. It leaves itself to the world
for interpretation. Creativity makes one humble.

It has made me conscious of the vast world full of varieties
of exciting things, blue sky, free birds, flowing streams,
sorrows and pains, crisis in ethics, discolored dews, fading roses,
hungry mouths and threatening gunpowder smells.

Here, the creator does not claim points for promotion or awards.
The creator beholds the creation with bliss of love!

Commentators and tormentors; for me Computer Science is for living
and Literature is life. I don't measure myself in metrics specified
by somebody. I have my own. I eulogize this beautiful world with
sanctity of creation. Please, leave me alone! I love to be a loner
in my journey.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pandu,Kunti O Banabasi:Mahabharata Eka Bhina Drushthire-1

This article is published in Nabapatra (Nov.-Dec. 2010) issue Pages 32-39.
It has been made to two parts. I'd request you to follow the next blog part-2
of the article.

Let me confess at the beginning that purist may not agree with the thesis
I have put forth in this article. Pandu's death in absence of Kunti is attributed
to the prolonged warfare he used to raise against banabasi (tribal). Pandu
stationed himself in forest to subdue tribal. Whereas Kunti has fairly working
relation with tribal. Kuti has gone to Hastinapur to persuade Gandhari not to
put cover on her eyes permanently. In the meantime, Pandu has been killed. I
have taken some quotes to say that there was prolonged fights between Pandu
and tribal. And it could be as a result of revenge tribal took for Pandu's
cruelty at tribal using sabdVedi Bana

I have followed Sarala Das Mahabharat in Odiya.

(Please click image for better view)

Pandu, Kunti and Banabasi: Mahabharata Eka Bhina Drusthire-2

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not Above the Desires

Buddha gets puzzled at the accusation made by an old
lady. She accuses- Your claim self above the desire is
hollow. Your hands are not clean. Your mind lacks clarity.

Buddha claims - ,Mata! I have no desire. I have left family,
I have left the palace. I don't even store my next meal. I always
think for humankind. How can you accuse this way? How can you
question my integrity, Mata?

The old lady retorts - Your desire of Nirvana is a great desire.
You can't remove sorrows in this country by preaching inaction.
You yourself have not taken up your responsibility, Lord Buddha!

Ruining the country by showcasing inaction for Nirvana is your sin -
Lord Buddha! She walks away with a curse on her lips. Buddha looks
with profound bewilderment in his eyes.

I work for my country, I think for commoners. I have not stashed away
fortune. My hands are clean. I have no desire. Where is my wrong?

Someone whispers from other side of the bed -
it's your desire for the History!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Coverpage of Aparahna

This page is designed by Sri Sahil Mehta, BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. Sahil is in third year and friend of my son Vakul. Shail, Vakul and bunch of their friends bring out a e-magazine. More about their creativity can be found at

Thanks Sahil for this cover page.

My esteemed visitors: If you have any comment on this cover page
please advise on.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kunti, Pandu and Prabaha

(Kunti, Pandu and Prabaha; Hrushikesha Mohanty Sagarika, Vol. 6, No. 2; Feb 2011, Pages 57-58.)

Click on Image for better View

Telling, I have developed interest in Mahabharat, is naive.
I have listened all about it from my grandfather in my
childhood. Time has flown away. And life has started
asking different questions at me at this junction. I caught
hold of 'Difficulty of being Good' of Gurucharan Das. This
again aroused my interest in Mahabharat. On my visit to
native place, I collected Mahabharat from my mother. She was
looking at me with puzzles in her eyes. At my residence,
Anjali, my wife advised not to keep all full set at home.
This is a stigma of Mahabharat - full set brings conflict;
there is a hearsay. As if there is less of conflict in this world!

Whatever, it could be I started reading
it in evening studiously. Its stories are fascinating. I
decided to look through these stories the past, the human
mind, dharma, issues in society. I will tell, it's a treasure.

I'm in Adya Parba only. I stumbled at the unique story of cursed
Pandu - Kunti and Madri can't have kids from Pandu. Pandu prepares
bed and asks Kunti to make use of the boon - the garland she got from
Rishi Durbasa, and to get conceived. It's baffling - to think. Isn't it?
But, Kunti and Madri did the same. Pandu left house for the nights they
invited Gods and had kids from them. The kids are known as
Pandavas. Imagine, what made Pandu to take such a bold decision.
Imagine, how society took Kunti as one of the Pancha Maha Sati (among the
great woman of Virtues: Kunti, Mandodari, Draupadi, Tara and Ahalya).
It's baffling. In this article, I have taken the help of this story
to show the boldness of continuity,
the way it prevails. It prevails for justice and peace. That is
Pandu, Kunti and Continuity.

I'm glad to say here, the abstract poem I have got from the story
is well appreciated and some said it's a new style. I got few calls
from Odisha, saying that. I'm happy of it. My next article on Mahabharat
will come in coming issue of NabaPatra.

To my English readers: wish me, I will write its English version soon!