Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Concerned at 80

Shri Karan Singh on turning to 80 years old speaks out the following --
'India has so much to offer to the world and yet I feel a sense of frustration among our young people,' Karan Singh told a select gathering at the Teen Murti Bhavan.


I'm amazed to know, he realizes it now. Isn't clearly visible? Where will today's youths look forward for role model? (there are nobody except cricket and bollywood heroes). Infact, today's youth mostly look forward to these two as else only vacuum persists. Citizens have raised their hands up in despair!

Ha! Will ruling class emulate Vivekanandaji to give a clarion call to youths? It's a matter of laugh ......... I remember a very famous Odia poem in this context:

dehe mandakini raja lagai
Gram sukariki hoiba gai;
JagaTe keBala Jane HasiBe
EHi TaHuM Phala.

It says, on putting a coat of the mud of Ganga river, a pig can't change to a cow!
Only it will make it a laughing stock!


Anonymous said...

Very nice and touching thoughts. The odia poem is very close to my heart and I always tell the same to everyone

Anonymous said...

A complete breach of trust. See how pass-the-buck works PM tells Prithwiraj Chauhan is responsible, Chauhan tells Kerala Govt is responsible and Kerala hits back telling Chauhan is telling lie- Whom to trust?

There are many such examples.