Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Daughter goes Environment Concerned

My daughter Anwesha has participated in City level final painting competition
on 'Environment-changes' succeeding two-tier screening.
Here she is spotted in local newspaper Eenadu 2nd Feb. '09 edition and
Eenadu TV also.

I'm glad to post this on my blog (the paper cut and translation in English here).

She is the second girl in the left row.

-------------------------------Paper Cut--------------------------------------------------

Children show their talent in painting Competition:

Narayanaguda: little kids have sharpened their brains...
Life was given to paintings showing the vision of Future. They gave a call to save environment (nature).
With the support of Center for Media Studies (CMS) & AP national green Cops a painting competition was held in Indira Priyadarshani auditorium, Public Gardens on the topic 'Environment-changes'. A little one painted Green fields, villages in pleasent environment, cities filled with dark suit & smoke in a single paiting. Picture of Burning earth due to global warming, the disturbed lives of people.. etc were chosen as theme for their paitings which warned of the consequences that we have to face in future. CMS Program officer Rohit singh, Project Manager PriyaVerma etc examined the paintings.