Sunday, December 25, 2016


 MoKatha column on 21st December 2016 ... tells of  healthcare system in past people in village were practicing. That used to be centred around medicinal trees grown around. Village doctor 'Vaidya' had expertise in finding trees and their medicinal values. Later the expertise had been chronicled in pothis (on palm leaves ) and books. In Odisha Laxman Mishra book was widely used for reference to treat ailments. The days are gone. Not true past this Health care system was perfect. People were suffering. But, true immunity was much better and ailments were treated locally. Now, much research has given rise to medicines and different medical techniques to treat diseases and so also new diseases are appearing. Seems here a hide-and-seek game between medical science and diseases. And this will go on for time to come. There is nothing called cure and life has to end. It only matters a healthy living as long as one lives and resilience end when life has to end. Good now a days Ramdev Baba has brought awareness on Yoga to every door step and wish as long past people develop immunity to libe healthy and die peacefully .. blissful death  is a blessing too ..  who prefers to  die on 108 seat or ICU bed leaving a huge debt to next gen or being tied with tangles of Insurance companies ... better practice Yoga and die with the 108 names of Mahaprabhu on lips ....the column talks about ! ........

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Thursday, December 15, 2016


MoKatha column on 14th December on Corporate Hospitals on Nirvay Odia Newspaper talks of sea change in our healthcare system and discovers where we are among the ultra specialists in private hospitals caring for money and callous health care in Govt. hospitals discouraging Yamraj even .. where one will go then ? Seeks strong intervention of rule of the land ... Your 'bichara' (view) solited !

Friday, December 9, 2016


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7th Dec. on Sarnath .... the holy place beckons now for a self-realization in which lakhs of Boudha Bhikshyu were engaged for years bringing excellency not only to their lives but also developing science, technology and management that is proved by the old heritage they have made for posterity thousands of years back ! 
Both the place and the people of God are to complement each other for realisation that a life looks for !
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