Saturday, July 18, 2009

On This Day

This is a English Version of the poem "Ee Tithire"
published in Surjya Prabha Odia daily on 12th July '09.

That day, while you left
Didn't tell me - not even a word!
Thought in between you and me
Nothing more left for days to come ahead!

Though you left me
Crossing boundary of day-and-night
snapping off the blood-ties
That day -
You left me being form-less
While I was gazing at
The flickering flame.

I have to live some more
"Snan Purnima"s
Through some more pull-push of
Day-and-Night and to
Preserve the unforgettable memoirs.

I'm not sure of the beliefs I have with these
Rituals and rites,
Not sure how doable in this life style
My annual offerings - 'teel and tandula'
you get? - not sure of it.
Even you get , then not sure
What you can you do with those?

I don't know ,
Even don't try to know
Nor I can forget you.

Every year on This Day
I intensely remember you
You come, I walk with you in that lane
That we traversed long before!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
SnanPurnima - (amidst hot summer) comes 15 days before Rath Yatra - the car festival
of Lord Jagannath. On Snan Purnima the Lord with elder brother
and sister takes an elaborate bath in full view of devotees. Snan Purnima. It supposed
to be an auspicious day for Hindus.
teel and tandula: The traditional offerings made to departed soul

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ee TiThire

This Odia poem "Ee Tithire" has been published in Surjyaprabha Odia daily
Sunday Literary supplement on 12th July 2009.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
12th Jyly '09