Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Review of Madhyahna

My second Odia poetry book, Madhyahna is published in 2010. This book has poems mostly on mid-life blues, an assessment after one travels a half-way in life. Not necessarily, it's of my life, but it takes on generalized issues.

The review by Dr.Patra on Madhyahna is published in Gokarnika July-Sept 2011 issue. I'm told
the journal is of 40+ years old and regarded well in Odia literary community. It's my pleasure to thank the reviewer Dr.Patra and the magazine editor for  the review and publication.

Not only, dr.Patra many have shown unusual interest in a poem, Ajagar (Python). While writing this poem I was also very much perturbed  as well as surprised on imagery the poem waives around. The other poem
Mukha (Mask) is also interesting to the reviewer.

I'm sorry for non-Odia followers of this blog as the review given below is in Odia. I'll translate it some time soon.


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