Sunday, December 30, 2012


Micro story

Sushil was called an  open eyed boy for  he was born with his eyes open and that not to be closed ever in his life making true of a fortuneteller of the native village that was to be earmarked for out of reach of the boy as no open eyed boy used to stay at  a place for long.  Since his birth he had been so true to his God given insignia for discomforts of many including  parents' bed time embarrassments and that of teachers in classes of dozing students.

The ever opened eyes in youth  helped Sushil immensely to look ahead for a parchment written with golden Gothic capital letters for the wonder of natives and later to be declared as born genius endowed with the open eyes  for the  bunch of blinds who periodically rejoice their inherent quality of discovery  even with their utter blindness, for they themselves had chosen to  night watchings as soon as they knew all the works were to be done in night for the success of the legal as well as illegal stake holders.

Stake holders turned visibly humble in turn for showing their ingenuity  with deception for utter discomfort to Sushil as all of them by the time have known not only the dimension of his  eyes aperture but also thickness of his  eye-glass frame  and more how the shade of the frame camouflage the eyes confusing all others to open eyed.  

Sushil had no go then accepting himself with the unholy agreement except at few times feeling the chilled darkness in his eye balls. While rubbing his eyes from the balcony few managed snaps at the height of  audacity and discomfort of stake holders and worst, they even discovered  his eye-sockets closed for ever but felt horrified to show that to others.  Still all for believing good , together decided to add  one more parchment with desi golden letters 'The Open Eyed Boy' in exchange of a tickle to Sushil as by that time he had forgotten what a tickling was .

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Croaked Bugle

A Micro Story ....

The bugle that blows everyday whether required or not but destined to blow even with croaked voice since its arrival across the continents, oceans, mountains and deserts for getting itself rooted to the land of nativity  towards utter content and discontent so that later can be accepted by the locals thinking  divinity bestowed upon as the great past ever tries to project ahead for a picture of a fatter past for the curiosity of future and timid present.

The tale of  present  is always a story of a sandwich dressed with butter inside or something else as taste varies without ethics of variance but always with a guise of an innocent standard set by the bugle maker for ponder of natives of whom very very few  knew whom the bugle was handed over in that fateful night.

They only installed the bugle on the top but just after to their extreme surprise found themselves cursed of blindness so much so that everything looked deep black as if the biggest inkpot had eased out self in darkness for ensuing dooms night for innumerable  quarrels and hassles, slaughters and shots, floods, frauds and famines all making a deadly cocktail for all to drink and dance towards peace and calamity whatever is sooner and easier as if they don't want to hear the bugle in its croaked voice anymore.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
Night of 22nd Dec. '12

Monday, December 17, 2012

T-Shirt Paintings

Gelhi (Anwesha) has painted the T-Shirt for her brother Papu (Vakul)

A Review of Aprahna

APRAHNA is my third collection of Odia poems mainly deal with mid-life blues. I'm lucky to have a  foreword from Poet Sj. Ramakanta Rath.   Sri Rath is well known poet of repute for his modern epic 'Sri Radha' a long poem that has brought a lot of laurels to him including the famous 'Sarashwati Award' 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Society, Service and Corruption: A Model

                                                               Hrushikesha Mohanty
                                         School of Computer and Information Sciences
                                                          University of Hyderabad

Abstract. Key words: Social Distance, Corruption, Vulnerability

1 Introduction
Corruption though widely talks of bribing for a clandestine purpose mostly for
economic gains, still in current days tend to include a wider aspects of human
misbehaviour like quid pro quo transactions, cornering more than what is de-
served, misuses of power for self gain and even misconstrued activities that’s
legal but unethical. Thus a study on corruption becomes hard, even impalpable
for the nature of the society it addresses to. So, a study on society is essentially
needed for understanding corruption.
Social issues mostly drive people towards corruption; so making them vulnera-
ble to it. People, vulnerable to corruption could be of same and even of different
social status, make direct or indirect network for corrupt transactions. The pro-
cess they follow needs to be understood for assessing the causes and impacts of
corrupt practices.

2 Review

Corruption in social systems have been studied by economists for two practical
purposes, one i. the incentives that allure one to corruption and the other ii.
the impacts corruption makes to an economy. Study of corruption is also to en-
compass social behaviour. Gifts and favours are typically regulated by a norm of
reciprocity between parties involved in exchange. While reciprocity is a cultural
etiquette, times it turns to corruption when purpose in it is doubted.
Corruption is not imported always but for most of the times it’s originated from
within society [1] . Corruption is shown as an endogenous phenomena where
stakeholders follow equilibrium strategies in a linked-chain game leading to un-
healthy stable situation where corruption is acceptable. Structure of society as
well as bribers’ dilemma run the wheel of corruption. Further, corruption is also
triggered by exogenous parameters like social capital, emergent views and mis-
trust that affect shifts in corruption level and drags people to corruption. As
a result, a culture of corruption is developed and gets trenched in a society so
well that, it becomes difficult to dislodge. A corruption ridden country has a
moment to cleanse itself. Further, corruption has not been only in economy but
it has now spread into political, governance and many more area that threat to
weaken the very fabric of society in terms of ethical corruption, inefficiency in
governance and loss of human values. Cleansing and even preventing a society
of corruption needs to understand the process of corruption and its maintenance
very well. In this connection we will review some of the models mostly dealt
in economic corruption though our aim here is to understand why individual is
vulnerable to corruption.

2.1 Models

Representative frameworks are necessary to conceptualize the world that mani-
fests corruption and sustains the same. The frameworks include both visual or
mathematical models where the prior ones are cognitively understood and the
later ones are either analytically worked out or computational expensive for sim-
ulation towards complex scenarios. We will review some of the works mostly car-
ried out by economists on corruption. Categorizing the models to non-simulation
and simulation based approaches. We would like to include rule-based, Bayesian
networks, Game Theory, Neoclassical economics, Fuzzy cognitive maps and Sys-
tem dynamics based strategies to the former category whereas mainly agent
based models of different variants are included in later category.


Monday, December 10, 2012


Micro story:

That was the time when all lovely boys were to be born on dusty villages and so did this boy at the end of a lane, so that he could be the most lovely boy in a directly God given country land.

The longing of love, for the boy was always so much and so intense that as if there were not enough love making for him being. Once for chronic missing of love he took a first flight to Agra and leaned over all the walls of Taj Mahal in turns for panacea.

For that being not enough he bent and bent on his back but didn't broke off, for later he was designated to be shapeless and amorphous in the back yards of neighbours and self. As, an amorphous can make into Forbes he developed a clandestinely secret desire to be listed. But, Forbes didn't get a right page where he could be rested with some kind of misplaced honour; so created a page in between love and hate and on that page, listed the boy with a caption "Seasonally Lovable"; but all others are said to call him, "LOVELY BOY" for their unknown reasons.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
10th Dec. 12