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Nathula Pass

At Nathula Pass (in Sikkim) while our border post is a glass house China builds a fortified structure (found in 2011) for its watch post across the border barbed wire. China has already pulled its train line just 2 kilometers away of the border while ours nearest train line is 100 km+ away in West Bengal. How safe is our border to China ?

Our Border Post a Glass House.

China's concrete border post under construction

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vakul at Nathula Pass

our son Vakul at Nathula Pass , India-China border in Sikkim.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Happy Holi ......
Puzzled why we don't have holiday today ..........

Monday, March 25, 2013

Frozen Time

an abandoned Church of Colonial British at Ross Island, Andamans.

Sri Jagannath Temple Hyderabad

Foundation Day Celebration 24th March 2013

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Definition of Life

WITH heavy throat infection and slight fever I took two hours lecture and then fell on my office sofa thinking on what's life.  One does particularly so in trouble time only, no exception I'm.

Closed my eyes. Thought on and on , a bit of pretension caught into my eyes  and eye lids drooped down for a while.

Got up fresh, as if understood the life. Then asked to myself what's it . And peeped through the window to see a group guys were fixing it .. the answer: "Life is nothing but a countable merry-go-rounds."

"For non-local (to Hyderabad)  readers I should mention ... 'nothing but' is a great hit in any definition made by anybody in this part of the world"

Me on IMA Annihilation

On IMA Annihilation

Early Creation

Monday, March 18, 2013

VAST Morning


Let your day be VAST with morning aura ........
Jai Jagannath!!!

History behind

FROM HERE THEY SAID AURANGZEB FLED AWAY ..... so the airport name ?

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Sun at one End

On SKY at the back drop of ALIND, Near Doyens Township, Seri Lingampally.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Change in Belief system

My village Goddess 'Paschima' since of past unknown times  and Mahadev temple of known's  ....
The Change in Belief system

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Sunrise pic .. taken at the Sunrise point, Guest House, North Maharastra State University, Jalgaon.

North Maharashtra University, jalgaon

Being Around Shady Monks

This is the highest point of Jalgaon that locates a guest house of North Maharashtra State University. Here I slept two nights with utter silence. Night is only dotted with whispers of leaves. In dead of night, you can still hear rustles of leaves when monks get up with shades in every night to walk on soft-foot through fallen dry leaves . Since the last seven hundred years they wander in search, in quest of answers to their questions ... "How could it happen ? How could we chisel giant hills to caves ? And what had driven us to do that? Did we .... did we ...? What do you think - you the guest ? " I had a feel of hazy face that faded away into the dense, there trees were standing guards to assure .... "Oh! don't mind. That's the delirium of life". The trees whispered. I again closed my eyes for sound sleep for the next morning invited talk I had to deliver on Computational Social Science ... thinking all the talks were scripted and delivered before .. long before.