Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Me on IMA Annihilation


Anonymous said...

Sure sir!

I will be there with the movement and we should not hand it over to ISI.

Anonymous said...


I hope things are fine with you there. I read your letters on IMA-ISI issue published on ganita vichitra from your blog. The bahadur shah jafar comment is very appropriate here. I also think that let ISI come and IMA would be happy to extend its facilities till ISI gets its own infrastructure. The same happened to IIT bbsr. IMA must not lose its
identity. I remember thefoundation day speech of IMA, which says we will make this a world-class institute. As you correctly noticed that
ISI is only interested because of the land and infrastructure of IMA.
Some of my friends who are faculty at NIT raourkela have sent me
emails to strengthen the protest.

with regards