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Abataranara Ananda


In life it's not always success is to go up in ladder of
success that is mainly for self - like salvation Dhramaraj Yudhisthir
was looking for. The pleasure is there in descends for
serving people / with joy in giving like Bhagiratha who
brought The Ganges to earth.

The poem 'Avataranara Ananda' deals with the theme and
published in Kabita Kakshya' of Odia daily The Surjay Prabha
on 29th Nov. 2009.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ullanghan (Transgressing)

 This poem is published in Asantakali Odia magazine October 09 Issue. It talks of transgressing of so called general rules. A reader can well imagine of the poem hearing the genesis of this poem. I was standing in front of a shopping mall. And at the hearing distance, two middle aged women were standing  Looking at a billboard carrying a poster of a warrior (of a recent hit movie of the son of a Telugu movie hero), one of these two were expressing a desire (or lamenting of not having) to have a husband like the smart guy on the billboard. I could hear that and I was startled at and later understood that desire was quite normal for a human being. And felt how  our made perceptions make us stereotype in assuming something in a said pattern.

The poem deals with this desire - a river having a dam at upper stream has been reduced to a small stream. The river is Salandi - passing through a town Bhadrak - the nearest town to my village. Once Salandi was furious with water flowing (overflowing) full inundating banks. That time Salandi was longing of an expert swimmer who can play with its current with fun. But, it is waiting since for that, even if  Hadgarha dam has made it just a 'nala'. still Salanadi  longs for the arrival of such a  swimmer .......

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Dwanda Swapna Dekhibare

"Dwanda Swapna Dekhibare" - is a poem published in magazine  Sagarika Vol.4/Issue -9/10 page 51. Sagarika is a bi-monthly magazine on Odia Literature and Culture published from Balasore. This magazine is edited by Mrs. Sairindhri Sahoo.

The poem talks of a conflict of mind for dreaming. It takes an example of a person that dreams of success in traditional sense and later questions  to self, "Is this the success?" This conflict of mind makes the person restless  to recount its long journey from genesis. The person now finds in addiction of success defined by family,self and society  in childhood - the success now hangs before itself as a question mark!

For non-Odia readers, I'm extremely sorry. Wish I can get its English version soon.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
10th October 2009

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Odiya Essay Competition

Any student studying in High Schools in
Simulia Block, Balasore is invited to
participate .........
1st Prize Rs.3000/- 2nd Prize Rs.2000/- and the 3rd prize Rs.1000/-

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Comment on Ananya Jamaja

Published in Odia Literary megazine Sagarika July/August 2009.
It reads:

Ananya Jamaja the first Odia poetry book of
Poet Hrushikesha Mohanty brings in poetic
expressions on reminescences, death, sensitivity:
a philosophy of life .........

Saturday, October 3, 2009


A meditation of difference
That was an awakening of difference
Not only for self elevation
But for others -
To sing together the song of Creation.

Heart did not flutter
Not there was gruel to win
Zealousy didn't prevail
But the search was for only Truth
To accommodate, to understand
To share the pain of sufferers
- He the king Bhagirath.

Engrossed in deep meditation
To awaken
Not like Dharmaraj Yudhisthir
Forgetting all for the self.
Bhagirath rose up and up
But to descend
with The Ganges
To sing with the song of Creation.
The Awakening and the mediation
Not only for the ascend
But for the joy to descend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hunger Lurking Around

Let me tell you without a trace of inhibition, since an year I have
stopped reading newspaper with that interest I used to have earlier.
Somewhat, I'm scared of reports of so many miseries appear daily in newspapers
and at the same time so many reckless decisions, that matters to all of us.

Anyway, today that is 1st October '09 an article in central page of The Hindu
drew my attention: '25 millions kids will go hungry by 2050' I'm sure I'll
not be here on earth to worry about. But, it could be any of four grand
children. That put me off.

Since Dasara, I see a what breaking sight - bulldozers pouncing
on a green paddy field uprooting them possibly for a mutli-storied building.
Perfect, religious decision the developer has taken to start the project on
Dasara Day - being religious without spirituality. What a tribute to the auspicious

Every morning, I pass by that stretch of land on the way to
Lingampally a whip of air with all freshness of a green paddy
field makes me nostalgic.But, now it will not be the same anymore.
No more that green patch will smile at the passers-by every morning.
Grey will pervade- they say in style 'redefining the sky-scape!'

But I wonder, how the farmer and the real state developer could become
so cold blooded, heartless to let the bulldozers maul over the standing
paddy crop! Could they become so insensitive. No wonder,
the hunger is lurking toredefine our future!

Security Extra-Dimension

Most of us, have never felt this much security concerned as we feel now. Insecurity has become the song of life. Whether, one likes or not either he sings or listens to this unwanted songs everyday. This fear of insecurity invades every aspects of life. Let me narrow down this security aspect to protecting belongings from petty thieves. These thieves always look for locked houses and they are very sure of getting in festive days and marriage seasons. Obviously, for a day or two absence, house owners choose to luxury of not worrying of belongings . Let me tell the truth, I always prefer not to have this luxury even if I go for few hours to Lingampally or Chandanagar for shopping – actually accompanying while somebody else, for the most of the time, well let me not play with words 'always' with wife though I hate to drive through nasty traffics – now you must have guessed why do I accompany – just because I can't afford to appoint a driver! Anyway, let me come back to track of security .... Honestly, this trait of being vigilant on security is long cultured and acquired since my early days of traveling in India Railways when I chose wrongly or rightly to work at Hyderabad. All during the journey, even now it's there, I was extra care with long steel chain to securely tie my not so cheap plastic bag to the great Indian railway Compartment with a feeling of great security thinking pretty lifters certainly can't take the daAba (compartment) away! And more I used to sleep putting the shoes quite secured place may be very close to chest!

Looks this syndrome of insecurity follows me. The place I leave Doyens Township of-late has become very known for such house burglary of-course for locked houses. That way, these thieves are quite reasonably honest. They respect security concerned people like me. But, Doyens Housing society and like that many Housing societies in Hyderabad have become very conscious of security. Of-course, Hyderabad has always been a flash point for security. Infact Hyderabad has been always leading in all aspects – that's we see. The extra-dimension I would like you to visualise. These security guards usually old sometimes 60+ age. It will be easy to find them whistling to be noticed only. And to be in good book of society dwellers they follow the age old thumbs rule – to be concerned to only who is influential. For a silent dweller like they really don't care. Interestingly, I found when I pass through the gate on my car, I get a salute. Then, I realize how these influentials relish these self-ego boosters! But, when I walk through the gate the security there did not even bother to look up abandoning his lazy sitting posture – ofcourse sometimes a bidi (country cigarette) on leaps. Many offices, you may not find such old security guards but equally lazy guys. Young guys keep dozing sitting on a bench. Harldy, they are in alert position to respond to a sudden security violation or eruption.

Not only me you will also agree for sure of the distaste to looking at a lazy security in morning in workplace. I remember of my one visit – the first visit to University of Aizu, Japan. Every morning, when I used to pass through the main gate the University security guard at the main gate used to bow down and very politely welcoming each coming in. As a visitor, most of the time I was on foot. But, he was not having any such discrimination!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dull Being Away

Before Durga Puja, BaAu (mother) made a call to me and asked, 'When are you coming home?' She knew what could be my answer. Hyderabad does not celebrate Durga Puja as done in Odisa. It's vacation here only on Dasara day. Every year, I can not go on leave to celebrate Durga Puja or Raja Sankranti at native place. I can not celebrate those festivals in Hyderabad with the same gaiety being away of native place. Life is dull and dry being away. And there is of-course, the change modernity has brought to life.

Agriculture had a special impact on our culture. Soon after the thunders of rainy season, autumn comes with clear blue sky adorned with white patch of floating clouds, the ripples of hopes on green paddy fields, cold wind drenched with scents of wild jasmines accompanied by laughter of Kasatandi. How beautiful is the nature! Ecstatic farmer with all hopes and benevolence prays to mAa Durga to descend!

This is the culture laid since ages, people observed with gaiety and spirituality. There have been many political and religious thoughts at different times. But, the relation between people and nature has remained intact. See, how this relation has remained intact in West Bengal and Kerala though people of these two states have been inspired by Communism. But, they celebrate Durga Puja and Onam with undiminished enthusiasm. Likewise, why should the change in our profession will change the 'Parban - the celebration of Parban - Durga Puja?' Parban is so much associated with the Nature. How can this change in profession will snap our ties with Nature! Being away of Nature, we will not get its beauty surfing on channels of that idiot box in living rooms.

Let's take care of the Nature, laugh with Kasatandi and celebrate Parban. How am I celebrating? I have written poems for Odia megazines Puja special issues. And will hop Puja pendals of Hyderabad Odia and Bengali communities. Ofcourse, Puja in Odisa will be always in my mind. You being in Odisa, are lucky to celebrate Puja with dears and nears. Enjoy Puja with a lot of gaiety. With best wishes on Durga Puja.


Kasatandi is a kind of long hairy broom like white flower with long stuck generally found grown on a kind of grass in Autumn particularly on the banks of rivers.

Certainly, the spirit of my Odia article is not in this English translation. Atleast I'm not satisfied with.

Bahare Jibanata Nukhula

Dear All

This is my interview to Surjyaprabha Odia Daily Newspaper
for its Durga Puja special 'Parvana'.

I'll put its English version soon, sure.

Sorry for now to my non-odia blog readers.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tume Phriba He Dine

Dear All

This poem is published in Surjyaprabha dated 13th September '09. The poem deals with pathos of native place that is being deserted consistently. The mother village talks of affection, she had for everybody. Wonders, what wrong she did so that kids once left don't feel for returning and remembering making different pleas (I'm too busy for a visit). But, she has not left the hope of their returns!

Hope later I can translate to English.
Here is the poem in Odia ....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Odia Essay Competition


Odia Essay Competition

Natural Resource and Self Employment : A Simulia Perspective

Narendra Prasad Foundation intends to organize annual Odia essay competition for students studying in High Schools located in Simulia block. The objective of this competition is to inspire students for creative thinking and writing in mother tongue. From each school, being recommended by the corresponding Head Master, three students of Ninth/Tenth class can participate in this competition. All the essays will be judged by three experts and the First, the Second and the Third essays based on merits will be selected for award of Rs.3000/-, Rs.2000/- and Rs.1000/- respectively. The selection by the Jury is final.

Eligibility: Regular students of any recognised school located in Simulia,
Balasore, Odisha.

Manuscript: Should be hand written in on one side of A4 paper. The length of the essay should not be more than 20 pages.

Important Dates:

Last date for receiving essay : 31st December 2009.
Declaration of Award Winners: 30th April 2010
Presentation of Awards : 14th June 2010


Sri Bankimchandra Moharana, Ex-Headmaster Bari High School, Simulia, Odisha
Professor Ramesh Chandra Pradhan, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, AndhraPradesh
Sri Navin Das, Managing Editor, Surjyaprabha, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Please send essay in Speed post/Regd Post to:

Professor Hrushikesha Mohanty
Department of Computer & Information Sciences
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad 500 046.
Cell: 09177849360

Saturday, July 18, 2009

On This Day

This is a English Version of the poem "Ee Tithire"
published in Surjya Prabha Odia daily on 12th July '09.

That day, while you left
Didn't tell me - not even a word!
Thought in between you and me
Nothing more left for days to come ahead!

Though you left me
Crossing boundary of day-and-night
snapping off the blood-ties
That day -
You left me being form-less
While I was gazing at
The flickering flame.

I have to live some more
"Snan Purnima"s
Through some more pull-push of
Day-and-Night and to
Preserve the unforgettable memoirs.

I'm not sure of the beliefs I have with these
Rituals and rites,
Not sure how doable in this life style
My annual offerings - 'teel and tandula'
you get? - not sure of it.
Even you get , then not sure
What you can you do with those?

I don't know ,
Even don't try to know
Nor I can forget you.

Every year on This Day
I intensely remember you
You come, I walk with you in that lane
That we traversed long before!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
SnanPurnima - (amidst hot summer) comes 15 days before Rath Yatra - the car festival
of Lord Jagannath. On Snan Purnima the Lord with elder brother
and sister takes an elaborate bath in full view of devotees. Snan Purnima. It supposed
to be an auspicious day for Hindus.
teel and tandula: The traditional offerings made to departed soul

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ee TiThire

This Odia poem "Ee Tithire" has been published in Surjyaprabha Odia daily
Sunday Literary supplement on 12th July 2009.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
12th Jyly '09

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Review of Ananya Jamaja Poetry Book by me

This is a review by Sj.Bankim Chandra Moharana, the retired Head Master of Bari High School. Sj.Bankim Sir own National Award in 1990 for his contribution as a teacher. The best part of his review is its form - i.e. a poem in appreciation of a poetry book . It's a recursion!

His book 'On the Coral Circle' published by All Odisha National and State Awardee Teacher's Organization is beautiful expression of his love for teaching and students. We are indebted to such teachers indeed.

I express my sincere gratitude for your appreciation sir.

24th June 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

In English

Namaskar to my Visitors!!!

Last few months towards end of the last semester as usual of my types, I was busy in being true to profession doing grading etc. Interestingly, I'm not sure how my students grade me! I'm sure they must have been kind to me. But, it's not only one reason for me being not appearing on my blog 'MoKatha'. It's not also true that there has not been interesting things around me. Infact, they are plenty. Whether they are so or I make them that way, is also an issue. True is,I was busy in finishing writing of my second Odia poetry book. A couple of those I put it on my blog too. I am sorry these postings have been no use to my non-Odia visitors. So, as soon as I put up the last posting on Savitri, I got an email thanking me turning to English. I am happy to know that my visitors expect me to write.

But, at the other side it pops up a doubt on longevity of Indian Languages. English has been big-brother to all Indian Languages. Many of us make very conscious decisions in favour of it. Our kids, at least my kids do not know to read and write odia. My son argued against studying Sanskrit and Hindi in his school. I'm sure many of you must have encountered the same at different occasions against Indian Languages. At least I can say of Odia. I feel it's an endangered language for its sparing usages. In official domain English rules. So, also in higher education. Middle class prefers to English. Listen to an urbanite Odia, will find him talking Odia assorted with English or Hindi words. I doubt some time just they do – drop off English (deliberates or habituals ?), if at all it's needed for.

With my new incarnation as nascent poet, I had a privilege to have an hour long discussion with Sj. Ramakanta Rath a Padma Bibhusan awardee, distinguished bureaucrat ex-chief secretary of Odisha. More to it, he is a fine poet full of human sensitivity. He was also the president of Kendra Sahitya Academy. I was lamenting of my kids' inability to read and write Odia. He told me quite revealing that that is so even for kids in Odisa for parents talk in broken English assorted Odia at home and prefer to put kids at English medium schools. Just, imagine if the trend is like this what will be the situation after say fifty years. Even now, we have a chief minister who does not speak our language. With all appreciation to the most popular CM, I'll fall short to understand how a ruler can't speak in subjects' language or a leader can't speak in the language of mass! Anyway, he gets his votes, it's fine, probably?

But, the point is not only of Odia but also so for many Indian languages. Sj Ramakatha Rath tells the day will come Odia may extinguish like many languages had to in recent past. To me it is very saddening, so also for many of my generation. How can I imagine an Odia without a Champu or Salabega Janana? A Bengali without Rabindra Sangeet or Jibananda Das poems? A renowned Odia female novelist Smt. Supriya Panda, who discovered me on my blog put a bit of counseling to my concern. She said, as long as kids are sensitive, it does not matter what languages they know. Could be true. She seems to be very pragmatic, so are the ladies invariably!

But, for me my sensitivity is more expressive in Odia than English. So, occasionally I resort to Odia on my blog. But, I will be pragmatic where it demands to ....

Hrushikesha Mohanty
4th June 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last Sunday, that is 24th May early morning I drove to BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus to pick up my son after one year of his study at this new campus. On road, I had some visuals that is quite common back in Odisa. And that reminded me the day is special, at least in Odisa as 'Savitri Brata' . Yes, the visuals I was telling is – rushing to temple with wife on back seat of a scooter. You will never miss this in towns in Odisa. Now you may find cars instead of scooters for slide ups of today's Satyabans. You may be wondering how did I could have that in Secunderabad. It's simply a courtesy of huge Indian Army that draws people from different parts of India. In that sense Indian Army is an efficient integrator. Some Odia middle aged jawans were trying to comply with this duty before they took up their duty with army. After all, this occasion comes once in year only. Ofcourse, it reminded me of that job too. But, I'm off this sort after my kids have put their hands on wheels. This is something in Odia said: 'patni samarpi putra pase chaliba athaba sanyase.' For my non-odia friends – I should explain: One in old age can take up Sanyasa (detachment) on leaving his old wife with their son to take care'. Feminists as well as humanists may raise their swords on this. I will not dare to delve with this more. But, I should say it's true at certain time you feel like saying 'enough is enough and time to relax'. Looks I have reached that. And waiting for the days when kids will say 'it's enough of you' , so that I can retreat, ofcourse, to my village that many Savitris may not agree to.

Savitri, as popularly known in Odisa, atleast coastal districts is interesting. In towns, the previous day people just become so sincere and rather aggressive in purchasing fruits for ladies who will be denied to eat cooked foods to remember how the real Savitri grueled without food, living only on fruits available in forest and worshiping Yamaraj to save her husband from death. In my childhood I remember we used to collect fruits from forest to be true to the Savitri. May be four years back, on this day I was in Bhubaneshwar to witness the great hurry of husbands. I was also directed to pick up some traditional stuffs for puja in Hyderabad and I was trying to make it up with several calls to Hyderabad to check up I'm purchasing the right thing. Today on returning home, I found Savitri is under progress. And my wife is frantically searching for 'brata katha' that's obviously misplaced for its year long no usages. Fortunately, Intenet came to rescue. I remembered a site some enterprising Odia lovers have put up with a lot of classical stuffs a nostalgic Odia would love. I had a great admiration of this site and people behind of it. Savitri katha – the story on Savitri was there on site for everybody's happiness at home.

For nearly last one month I'm reading a Odia book 'Atimanaba: Sambhabana and Pratisurti – Nidse and Sri Aurobindo” by Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu and Dr. Archana Nayak. It's a fantastic scholarly book on two philosophers who dealt with the issue of Superman that can conquer Death. This 'conquering' attitude of human is very interesting. And the wish of conquering death is its highest form of manifestation. The van with a write-up on its body saying ' On Aging : Ford Foundation Project' in University Campus and an advertisement of a location with a caption 'Stop Aging' are typical signatures of that great desire of intellectuals – rishis and scientists. For common people – Savitri is an annual reminder of the quest, I wonder !

In Savitri, Sri Aurobindo tells:

Into the little room of mortal life
I saw them cross the twilight of an age,
The sun-eyed children of a marvellous dawn,
The great creators with wide brows of calm,
The massive barrier breakers of the world
And wrestlers with destiny in her lists of will,
The labourers in the quarries of the Gods
The messengers of the Incommunicable,
The architects of immortality.

From Savitri epic written by Sri Aurobindo.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
28th May '09

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Greatwar! - Odia Poem

This Odia poem is published in Surjyaprabha
5th April '09 edition.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
6th April '09

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Understand Your Laugh

The Second part of the Odiya Poem published in Surjya Prabha Odiya Daily
on 22nd March '09

To Understand Your Laugh

A part of the Odiya Poem published in Surjya Prabha Odiya Daily
on 22nd March '09

Monday, March 9, 2009

To Your Wah! Wah!

If you say Wah! Wah! To everything I do
even though I like to hear it
but fear of long dark hands of ‘wah wah’
that may drag me
down and down.

Still at times being undetected
that shapeless thirst grabs me
at the dark of shadows
instigating me to hear and record
all what you say
to drink it later
and to relish it at my leisure.

If you rarely even say ‘wah! wah!’ to me
when we meet at our office canteen
or at the suburb market
I wish to offer you a tea
or a sugarcane stick
expecting – eventually you will be pleased
so that a ‘wah’ will escape
through your front two teeth
during your unending chats.

If you neither say ‘wah! wah!’ nor
you visibly avoid me
I encircle you with hope
wearing red shirts and escorting you
through shopping malls
expecting one ‘wah!’ at least will drop off
your mouth
before you reach your home.

If you ruthlessly say ‘NO’ to tell me
‘wah! wah!
should I feel wrong of my followings,
feel ashamed or curse my fate
to count the coins left in my purse!

I will ask myself why did you say ‘no’
to understand how
I lost myself to my village banyan tree,
I can only purchase dry oranges in suburb market
to loose all - for the torn bag I have,
the way
the plasters fell off my walls
at the whispers of my neigbours!


Hrushikesha Mohanty
7th March 2009.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Daughter goes Environment Concerned

My daughter Anwesha has participated in City level final painting competition
on 'Environment-changes' succeeding two-tier screening.
Here she is spotted in local newspaper Eenadu 2nd Feb. '09 edition and
Eenadu TV also.

I'm glad to post this on my blog (the paper cut and translation in English here).

She is the second girl in the left row.

-------------------------------Paper Cut--------------------------------------------------

Children show their talent in painting Competition:

Narayanaguda: little kids have sharpened their brains...
Life was given to paintings showing the vision of Future. They gave a call to save environment (nature).
With the support of Center for Media Studies (CMS) & AP national green Cops a painting competition was held in Indira Priyadarshani auditorium, Public Gardens on the topic 'Environment-changes'. A little one painted Green fields, villages in pleasent environment, cities filled with dark suit & smoke in a single paiting. Picture of Burning earth due to global warming, the disturbed lives of people.. etc were chosen as theme for their paitings which warned of the consequences that we have to face in future. CMS Program officer Rohit singh, Project Manager PriyaVerma etc examined the paintings.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Salute the Sculptors

Searched your footsteps on sandy beach,
fingertips on stones you carved
but could hear the whispers of the bulls
telling the tales of your artistic hands
that could write on stones the poems
I read.

Your vastness I imagined
Saw your signatures on chariots and elephants
spreading across
the lands and oceans
calling the people through years
showcasing your gifts
to us and generations.

Heard the pangs of the stones,
their long waitings with sighs and longings
for your
soft touch and humming with chisel,
perseverance and passions to excel
to make the flowers blossom on sands
and the sea emotes to sing your songs
forever and ever,
to make us hear
as if you are standing there.

Felt in morning mist
as if you touched last night the stones
with your sweat-soaked hands;
Saw you in mystic darks
as if lying along
Mahavali in slumber
to get up one day to repair
the worn outs,
to rededicate it for ages
to come and live
among and make us learn
what should we garner
in this long run!

Salute the sculptors -
the pious and the humbles
preferred to humility being anonymous.
Oh! salute you the great sculptors.

Hrushikesha Mohanty

On visiting Mahavalipuram on 26th January 2009.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Pervasive I's

'I's command from here and there
From all the posters, banners
And billboards.

Sing their own songs
Spark on their own claimed glory
Sitting on own boards made in Ivory.

'You' - the commuters hear me
'I' - the pervasive, made for thee.

Unlike Vishwarupa only for Arjuna
'I's are here for all known, unknowns.

Staring at 'You's from billboards
'I' offers darshan to running away Arjunas!
20th January 2009.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Before initiation - Relase of Ananya Jamaja

First meeting with Odiya Writers

Just After

Having a word with
The Governor, Odisha,
Novelist Prof.Santanu Acharya
Writer Dr.B.B.Pani

A Friend

I am with Sri D.N.Dwivedy who introduced to my
Publisher Kadambini Media - Hence my Literary Agent!

A New Company

Here I am with very well established Odiya Writers!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

With The Founder

Here with Dr.Achyuta Samanta
The Founder KIIT University
The Founder of Kadambini Media
The Founder of KISS (A home for Tribal Students)

Getting to Know

Here, I am with a very renowned contemporary Odiya Poet

Sri Ramakanta Ratha, the former Chief Secretary of Odisha
the former President of Kendriya Sahitya Academy, New Delhi

With the Publisher

Here I'm with the publisher
of my book Ananya Jamaja.

Iti Samanta, Kadambini Media

With Ananya Jamaja Reviewer

I'm with my book reviewer

Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Released on 4th January
The Governor of Odisha

In Photo:

Left most: His Excellency Teh Governor of Odisha : Sri Muralidhar Chandrakant Bhnadare
Next: Prof. Santanu Acharya, the noted Novelist
Next: Dr.Bipin Bihari Pani
And then Myself