Thursday, June 12, 2008


Lark was flying to touch the Everest
Came down on its own weight.
Fell into the lap of mighty Himalayas,
Hey! you guys are not special under the sky.

A Marcos with large purse in Las Vegas
Down one day by uprise of mass.
The purse cut holes, dollars went down,
Hai, Emerald where is my crown?

True, the polar bear no more roars,
True, uncle Sam also preaches.
Afghani and Vietnameese are shouting
Yeh! you guys are no more frightening.

But ....

Tedious and boring to be a common.
To live a life with mercy and pain.

So ...

Fly high till the wings flutter,
Try hard for the best of labour.
Live with a peg and a poem,
Ah! those verses of Omarkhyam.

Note: This poem I wrote in 1990 and the same appeared in the publication of
Electronics Corporation of India, Hyderabad Officers' Association.
Vol.16, Issue 7, Page 8.