Friday, March 1, 2013

Khurdha Gamuchha

"Khurdha Gamuchha" Story Published in Sagarika February 2013.

This story touches on metamorphosis an Odia is going through in course of time that seems to be inevitable. It touches upon living style of a non-resident Odia and feelings being caught in cleft of changes and legacies. Manifestation of identity search through a typical age old towels has been a means for a non-resident Odia but for displeasure of his wife in this conservatism life style. The story ends with a hilarious noting of emergence of a life style from this age old towel "Khurdha Gamuchha". If you can't read please don't hesitate to ask me; I will send the pdf file of story.

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Anonymous said...

yaa nice one sir..title of the story is super

Anonymous said...

nice story sir !!!!...khurdha gamuchha won the best costume but she was angry because Pradumna came to down stair for flower in khurdha Gamuchha....perfect name to the story also.."KHURDHA GAMUCHHA"

Anonymous said...

Very Nice ... sir!

Anonymous said...

Nice story sir..............what the village people wear is a fashion in town.

Anonymous said...

Good Story sir. I liked the way you composed this story.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hrushieksha

too bad I cannot read Odia.
I just wanted to tell you about my gamuccha addiction. In India, I always travel with gamuccha,
this is a necessary item. Usually, it is the traditional Calcutta gamuccha, red and white,
sometimes with a little green motive added. I use it for cleaning my hands, as a towel, as a hat,
for taking bath, whatever, it is fully multipurpose.
On more formal occasions, I use a Balangir gamuccha, with a nice pink design. Or sometimes an Assamese gamuccha. I have a big gamuccha collection at home.

It seems this piece of garment is more or less specific to East India. Sometimes I get remarks
in Delhi or Mumbai. But In Orissa I would feel naked without my gamuccha!
If you look up the Web for gamuccha, you find sites that claim that it is an Assamese cultural item,
"Gamocha is a unique identity of Assamese Society."
"It's for sure that Gamosa didn't come from other parts of India as there is no such article used
anywhere else in India."
This is obviously wrong.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
First of all thank you very much for letting me have the privilege to read such a lively and beautiful story .. I just loved it and visualized each and every scene of it.
Reading short Odia stories was one of my hobbies when I was in school and college. I was a diehard subscriber of Janhamamu , Saptahiki and Sucharita .
"KhurdaGamuchha" must be very close to your heart as it reflects the trials and tribunes of an alienated citizen of Odisha. I simply adored the characters and could relate to
the story very well.
Thank you again for sending one of your masterpieces ..
May Prabhu Jagannath be with you Sir .


Anonymous said...

Awesome........ Mesmerizing Stories Sir ! Namaskar Sir and Maam.
Just finished reading Salagram and Prathamaraga . Must say your wonderful family has the
divine blessings of Maa Saraswati. While your story stirred my heart Sir, Maam's stories had
a realistic and delicate impact through out !
Once again thank you so.......... much Sir and Maam for sending me these beautiful artworks..

Jai Maa Saraswati..