Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pandu,Kunti O Banabasi:Mahabharata Eka Bhina Drushthire-1

This article is published in Nabapatra (Nov.-Dec. 2010) issue Pages 32-39.
It has been made to two parts. I'd request you to follow the next blog part-2
of the article.

Let me confess at the beginning that purist may not agree with the thesis
I have put forth in this article. Pandu's death in absence of Kunti is attributed
to the prolonged warfare he used to raise against banabasi (tribal). Pandu
stationed himself in forest to subdue tribal. Whereas Kunti has fairly working
relation with tribal. Kuti has gone to Hastinapur to persuade Gandhari not to
put cover on her eyes permanently. In the meantime, Pandu has been killed. I
have taken some quotes to say that there was prolonged fights between Pandu
and tribal. And it could be as a result of revenge tribal took for Pandu's
cruelty at tribal using sabdVedi Bana

I have followed Sarala Das Mahabharat in Odiya.

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Great writing Sir. Please continue the writing on Mahabharata.