Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The river that once was flowing full chest is now shrunk. That river is Salandi I know since my childhood. On the way of visiting maternal parent I saw Salandi with it serene as well as fury. The same Salandi bad is shrunk to a stream of back waters. The greenery on its bank has become history. Now one finds chimneys spewing black smoke while baking bricks for the make of concrete jungle. Its sands are being rubbed. Salandi is arrested by dam and the fall in rain falls has added to its woos. Dry river bad is being encroached by land mafia ... The river is almost dead ! The story repeats in India for many rivers. Rejuvenation of rivers and water bodies is the call of the hour !

The theme is addressed on my MoKatha column on 26th July '17 Nirvay News paper !
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