Friday, July 7, 2017


21t June on Nirvaya on MoKatha Column is about Social Networking and its protocol on usage- this brief is for non-Odia friends with interest on MoKatha !

Not very long back, in rural society information dissemination was either from village joints under big banyan trees where men gather or on the steps to ponds where women assemble.

Kings sent announcers to villages along with drummers to spread message while the drum beatings were increase the heart beats of subjects.

Epic ages also have messengers like Hanuman who took the mighty to fires on being insulted thus from those days announcing the respect of messengers needed to have. Now even diplomatic protocol follows the same rule.

Now the message carrier has changed to Internet , the modern Hanuman carrying huge digital loads of Tera bytes across space, ocean and over continent in almost no time. Society is being built over Internet being called Social Networking, cyber society. Where there is along with sociability also bring hates of nearness. The hate when spread in light speed it engulfs the Globe instantly thus bringing in potential danger threatening  the society. In the name of Right-to-Speak once one speaks irresponsibly loosing sensibility the digital society will turn to 'Bhasmashura' bringing annihilation around in real world. This calls for utter restraint in using Social Networking. 

The column takes up the issue and proposes to teach kids on etiquette in Social Networking   !!!

The essence is here for non-Odia reading friends !

Comments are solicited always !

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Anonymous said...

Sir, I am sure somewhere people are getting their Ph. D. degrees by writing dissertations on the subject of social media. Here, you have said all in a nutshell.