Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hunt for talent has been a noble cause for us, for a country of billion that has probably suddenly realised too many talents are under vicious covers that need to be revealed almost every five years at least once to see all exist or recreated so much so that TV channels can be engaged in talent hunts as they feel or project themselves as doers of all good for our country, for our entertainment as many including foreign diplomat wives atleast feel we Indians so skinny for any good happening on this earth where money stands for entertainment either in 'nach baliey' or 'India got talent' or 'Dance India dance'. 
These hunts include so much indulgence that kids at age three are lifted to coaching centres like 'Bivas Academy' in West Bengal and trained  for excellence  in dancing, as at other end  coaching centres in Andhra Pradesh pen kids horoscope in full cooperation with parents assuring a seat in IIT though recently it's found no IIT has any global standing in academics but in exporting (sorry, motivating) disgruntled kids out, means out of the country. Still then a billion waits to be discovered at early, could be too early no matter but search is on, never mind it finds or not, even finds turns to it a 'budhia' (runnign kid of Bhubaneshwar) for no good of hunts. True - catch them young but how young ?  

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