Wednesday, January 22, 2014


If effects are there for something there has to have a side effect for simple reasons as happenings around every entity loves  things around else it finds void   as surrounding boundary wall carves out a space for a plot otherwise one is left for anarchy of happenings around; so why we don't bother for side effects instead worry of main,  as we know of gulping a headache tablet will take way pain that's main and can buy time to deal with side effects as such effects can be served at the side of main course, sometimes of so much callousness that floppy papad often fly off even with a swing of smelly 'gammuchha' of a dhaba boy who has been there for sake of his existence that is main, not worrying of side effects as a quality manager and a program test manager  brood over correctness forgetting God self has chosen to wrong wiring here and there for loving dances due to side effects.

Still, forgetting such God loving dances  choose to visit movie "Shaadi Ke Side Effects" for sake of self  and the well known puzzle 'do I make any effect?'.


Anonymous said...

Quite an inspiring lesson.Hard to digest.

Anonymous said...

Bahut bhal lagila.