Friday, January 17, 2014


Incongruent  partnership is always interesting not only to partners but also to onlookers around for the scenario is as melodious as picturesque for many on this main-land where incongruity is explored either by hideous checking at purse and cupboards or hacking twitter or face-book accounts and readily passing it out to 24x7 channels so that soon in different channels readily-available commentators and self-declared media whizz gang-lords pour into tubes and float on waves to talk on incongruency   so much so that those two target partners sit on to decide to soon reach at one of the two extreme ends : together ever or that never.
Such an incongruency though one may tend to find between real-estate business and so in education-sector though for the later everybody talks of services of which service is not for daridra-narayans (poors)  but for who can pay and get education. So, for no harm the person I met on the last Sunday, an young management graduate left corporate managerial cushy job to take up incongruent jobs for he knows now incompatibility is the strength in the name of inclusiveness.
I could see SO near , privatisation of sick Univ.s around India and hovering hawkish eyes of real-estate developers on campuses. Realised today there is nothing called PROFESSIONALLY INCONGRUENT; a student of Physics major can pick up a course on 'curry making' after all who doesn't want a life with spicy curry ?

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