Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Gone days are not to return for good of nature it's not natural now for a person in city to call a neighbour with lazy, familiar tone as two villagers still now stand at both sides of a fence guarding a garden and keep talking of everything happening under others' roofs and at similar vain two ladies at bath-ghat keep chatting on whispers that pierce through all the walls of a village in each night. 
Still, of not wishing a neighbour  'good day' smacks primary education and social ground at the back for  city dwellers , so each tells 'good day' to a neighbour even when he/she is standing but resting on a iron gate for peace after an inner wall fight resulting hot airs spewing through nostrils. So, are the heads wish 'have a nice second term' to a neigbourly PM who's still waiting at the trauma of winning for one does not know what really happens at space around inner walls ! 
True ! neighbourly wish  alike to FB-likes  - all aware but repeat  neighbourly void wish !

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Anonymous said...


Interesting piece of writing.
Though I don't claim to have understood the mind of the author behind each phrase in the writing,
but overall a very practical reflection of what happens in our surroundings!