Thursday, January 23, 2014


Catch hold of a software professional to find them worry always about references, addresses as they are much worried about dangling things except noodles that have though smeared identities making all same to Chinese model that though deshis (Indians) make an eatable choice for match making like any other practicality resort to identity search brushing aside propaganda of  globalisation as if lately they find all noodles are not Indian intestine or until a baba told so on flat screen swinging two legs up and up for minutes after minutes till you say posturing is perfect with identity if not a global one but let it be subaltern one among the choices, made or offered, among religion, caste, state, region, color, ethnicity etc.
Subaltern identity is in my weaponry and I'm the archer to shoot at you because you have identified me that way for your benefit, and now it's my turn to harvest it !

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Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Mohanty,

The thought is very interesting and the irony well expressed, but I would have preferred short sentences. Too long and too involved sentences adversely affect intelligibility and elegance of the prose, I think, unless there is a clear stylistic purpose for the use of such prose. And if there indeed is, it should somehow come out in the writing itself (in the form of a suggestive phrase, for example).

a reader