Thursday, February 9, 2017

||| GADI |||

Published on 18th Jan 2017 in Nirvaya newspaper this column talks of vehicles ...
Vehicles for middle class Indians once was it a status symbol but now not only the people of that class but also well below the class by change of life style have made vehicles a necessity. Once for people of my age used to walk 5kms up and down to attend schools but now a vehicle is to pulled up for picking up grocery from a colony shop with a valid reason that life now has become fast unlike that was mine in gold or not but gone are the days.
Well agree to fast life as it's now also has to be agreed with all the life style byproducts. This column picks up the same thread but in a style I hope as a coumnist. It's you to accept or comment 😀
Wish you a Good reading !

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