Monday, February 13, 2017

||| Mudhi : MoKatha |||

 Mudhi the puffed rice is now even standing popular in changing times though there is considerable apathy to Mudhi or call it Murmurra in Hindi.
Once there was a time Britannia thin arrowroot tins were housel hold requirements to keep Mudhi crisp in air-tight tins that Britannia company was making for its Biscuits while rural India was looking inwardly to Mudhi.
Mudhi-Jhal that now also one sees in east-coast train journey  is a cultural binding  between Odisha and West Bengal and some even extend it to London on watching in YouTube Jhal-Mudhi selling at London junction  because YouTube truth is tubular!
Once a quick snack from Odia Mothers, Mudhi has been relegated to back seat for  Maggi Conspiracy by AdWallas.  Rural Odia kids have changed their palates at Maggi whispers but still Mudhi has not left the scene but reappears in a packet to Supermarkets with a label manufactured in Gujarat.
Odisha finds itself at cross-road of new emerging market ! Sooner is better Odisha understands to the new Mudhi-ArthaNiti ........................


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