Saturday, April 15, 2017


Visited Manipur in 2016 amidst of blockade .. still my journey was memorable because of unexpected help from my student and his family. Thankful to them.

Manipur is an exciting state as if God is engaged in social experiment in a closed laboratory. It has its own mythology and also a mention in Mahabharata. It's own native religions and Sanatan Dharma. A place of fusion and social experimentation. With all diversity the state Mannipur is a jewel on the crown of Bharat Mata !

This article published in Nirvay on 8th March '17, explores its mythology and history is finding its origin to the name Manipur. It's short but not complete trace but touches upon exciting aspects leading to naming of Manipur state.

I urge those who have not visited yet, to visit this beautiful state ...

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