Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Janajati ru Rashtrabad : Manipur

Few minutes back Zee Tv was showing an interview with Jahabua tribes who are ready to reply Kashmir valley stone-pelters by their native Gopon tool. Nationalist tribes we find from Ramayan times with Guhak standing behind Prabhu Ramchandra as a friend and a pathfinder. In present days they are no less in bringing laurels to the nation.
This article the second in series on my Manipur trip in December 2016 traces the changes Manipur has gone through from tribal society to a society of nationalists joining in the stream of the nation.
Human journey has brought in community, culture and nation. Manipur is a laboratory of this experimentation. Thirty five tribes now but could be many more in past came down to Imphal valley from surrounding hills to form a community called Maitei that is torch bearer of Manipur culture culminated with excellency in dance, sports, cottage industries and now poising for a big leap when its youngsters are venturing out across the nation and beyond.
Seven clans make maitei community, culture and belief system of Sanamahi worshipping nature the ultimate creator with two sons Pakhanba the mighty and Sanamahi the wise and weak - the myth resembles to Kartik and Ganesh ! Pakhamba ruled the kingdom but Sanamahi is worshiped in every house as the presiding deity. Later during the reign of the king Garib Nawaj Sanatan dharma came into the valley with Mahaprabhu Sri Jagannatha and Sri Govind ji ! Next in 18th century Islam and Christianity came in. A silent experiment in the laboratory of Manipur is still going on resulting Manipuri a rashtrabadi citizen for which whole nation is proud of with glory of Mary Kom and likes !
This column has made an attempt to trace the social experiment with its myth and subtlety in its limited space and my limited knowledge gathered in a week long trip to this beautiful land of jewels !

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