Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rituals and Temples

This column on MoKatha series is published on 22nd Feb. '17. The topic it addresses on rituals and temples, particularly on temples in Kerala. Inspite of left dominated successive Govt.s Kerala has kept its temple traditions almost intact though there has been some calls for changes in rituals in Ayappa temple.

Rituals are beautiful remembrance of past and its beauty in living with life. At times, some rituals become baggage of time even. This raises questions on continuance of rituals. Throwing away all rituals is also at the same time will make life monotonous. 

A balanced reasoning on continuation of rituals is addressed in this column and at the same time the column laments on the sad incident on trampling away a beautiful auspicious ritual of Brahma Paribartan at Sri Mandira Puri. I was thinking that while standing in a queue with traditional dress for darshan at Guruvayur Temple, Kerala.

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