Friday, January 28, 2011

Not living for the Next Salary

"On a cold night in a quiet town, 71-year-old Jeff Knaebel crept into the ruins of an ancient Buddhist meditation center in northern India, doused himself with a flammable liquid and set himself alight to protest what he called cruelty in the United States and India." (Taken from 28th Jan 11

It's sad, an admirer of Gandhi- the Father of the Nation, had to take such a decision
being scared of Indian police and disgusted with both US (the country of his birth) and India (his chosen country for Gandhi).

Sri Jeff Knaebel wrote to his friend Sri Desai,"By my death I send my answer to the rulers of the Corporate State who value property and profit more than human life. ... They will no longer control me," said the letter, given by Desai to The Associated Press. Desai said he received the letter a few weeks ago but did not know Knaebel had any immediate plans to die.

You can call him something else, but sure he is very sensitive; the persons like
him are sure different than many of us who just live for the next salary!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
28th Jan 11


Sapna said...

The news sends a chill through the spine. In the land of Gandhi, is Gandhism and his principles dying a slow death ?

The only time Ghandhiji is remembered is on days, when there is need to make a public display. Otherwise, he stands there watching his countrymen walk by turning to dust every principle he and fellow freedom fighters stood up for. Whither Gandhism ?

C.K. Rajendran said...

Dear Sir,

Its a sad end of a noble person. The depth of the pain he suffered is reflected in his action.

C.K. Rajendran