Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making of World Order of Your Own

At Davos, Wipro Chairman Azim Premzi, expressed his disappointment at US [1], alleging of its double standard on global trade practices for products and services. US wants third world markets to open up for US products (like Microsoft Window etc.) while it does not want to give space to India for getting into US service sector. Saying simply, US does not want to allow body shopping for Indian IT companies. President Obama wants his people to get job. Azim Permzi is right for complaining of US treating Indian IT companies as IT-Sudras (as they are in services)and possibly one can express distaste at IT-Brahminical attitude of US.

I agree but wonder why India IT-Companies are not moving up in value chain from
IT-Sudra to next step up. It sounds castiest remark! I'm sorry. But, this question Indian IT companies must put to themselves. They can't expect or should not expect
easy money and the same time benefits from tax payers. Much later, Russia came to
IT export business and it is at the point to match with India. You don't make a IT-giant writing GUI codes!

At a position you make a global-order, you don't ask for it. US knows it much better!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
30th January 2011

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you are perfectly right.