Saturday, January 22, 2011

Of Being Irrational

All preach to act as a rational. There is a good old phrase
'Human is a rational being'. I agree. But, sometime I feel
there is so much life being irrational that science denies.
A dream of the Lord, makes a person on high spirit. But,
rationalist will surely question it and also will give
a theory of action of a dogmatic mind. May be they are
True. But, they don't give me my Happiness.

Similarly, since long I was playing trick of Santa visiting
our house with gifts on 24th Dec. night till my kids found
it wrong. But, we missed a lot of fun in our house since they
became rational.

On beatification on Mother Teressa I was happy. I see a lot
of happiness and affection looking at her photo. I believe
she possess a kind of divinity. Rationalist, may not agree.
Recently, The Hindu published a beatification a story of the
Vatican Pope.

The same, The Hindu published since the last two days
on Makar Jyoti at
Sabarimela where an unfortunate tragedy struck this time.
The news paper has declared it man-made with inconclusive
interviews statements collected from some people.

The point is whole issue of tragedy has got diverted. Such
tragedy can happen in any mass gathering. Hill top, Tirumala
gets a huge crowd round the year. So, also public
rally / cricket matches. get huge crowd. Our police must be
trained in crowd management. Curriculum should be there for
kids to learn how to behave in a crowd.

What's the point of questioning on divinity of Makar Jyoti?
Let people realise it and take decision on their own. And let
us leave those, even if one thinks them irrational, to seek
solace on their belief followed so strongly following a month long
self-control and penance.

There is so much life being Irrational!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
23rd January 2011


mantu said...

The present editor of The Hindu is a leftist and therefore very biased. So, his views on spirituality and divinity should be taken with a pinch of salt.
You are right in your views.

Anonymous said...

There is so much life being Irrational ................

I like this line, sir


Anonymous said...

Hindu is opportunistically Left as well as Right.


Anonymous said...


I like so much of this Irrational matter of life.

Thanks and regards


C.K.Rajendran said...

Dear Sir

I too am of the opinion that it is man made. But, after reading your views I decided to forget about the man made issue, as long as it paves the way to the devotees to practice self control for one month.

C.K. Rajendran